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Ensign Eska

Name Eska

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Novan (Human from Terra Nova)
Age 23
Starfleet Serial Number SFM-3669-Omega
Command Authorisation Code Nova-Alpha-638_Terra

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 0 inches
Weight 95 pounds
Hair Color Silvery-Gray (Auburn)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Like many of the Novan, she has the gray skin, with a darker gray around her lips, and silvery-gray hair, which she dies an Auburn color. This was caused by the damage to the early Novan’s DNA by radiation contaminated water supply. Her eyes are black in color.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses ( + ) Heighten Senses (except Sight – see weaknesses)
( + ) Extremely excellent tracker of the underside (Underground)
( + ) Talented with underground Mosses, Lichens, Algae, and Animals
( +/- ) Stubborn
( - ) Sever Light Sensitivity
( - ) Extremely Limited Education (Barely made into and passes Starfleet Medical)
( - ) Slips into Novan when nervous or stressed.

Ambitions To return home to her people
Hobbies & Interests Gardening underground Mosses, Lichens, and Animals, Tracking Underside (underground)


Spouse None
Children None
Father Akary
Mother Nadet
Brother(s) Jamin


Personal History Eska was born in the tunnels of Ent’Rise Terra Nova, to a trive of Novans that refused to return to the overside. Her people kept to themselves as their population grew of the centuries. The council of Arc’her forbid anyone from going to the overside (above ground), sense their ancestors where nearly killed.

When she was 12 years old she was hunting some diggers near the older entrance to the Ent’Rise tunnels, when there was a cave in. She was forced to flee to the overside to survive. She blinded when she got there, sense it was mid-morning. She spent 3 days looking for a way home, when she was discovered. She had found a camp of people and she attempted to steal some food, when she was stunned fleeing this group.

When she awoke she freaked out as she was someplace she didn’t know. She later discovered that she was moved to a research center that was a city populated by other Novans that went to the overside. It took months for the lead researcher, Dr. Ericka Terraman, and the other Novans to earn her trust. It was decided that she was to return to her home after the cave in was cleared. THe surface Novans wanted her to deliver a message stating that they no longer had to hide in the underside as the overside was now safe, but she was exciled for disobeying the most sacred of rules and called a Shale.

She traveled back to the overside, and wondered around for nearly 2 weeks before she came across Dr. Terraman and her team. She explained what happened to her to them. The overside Novans, as Eska started to call them, took her in and started to educate her. It was during the next 6 years she had to cram everything just to catch up to the other children at the Research center. When she turned 18 she applied to Starfleet Academy, where she barely passed the entrance exams.

Her time in the Academy was even rougher, do to her lack of experience with the various species and temperaments, in other words: Culture shock. She had exposure to these other races at Terra Nova, but she wouldn't speak with them or just avoid them. Eska had to work every hard to complete assignments on time. She was annoyed when she would see other cadets off doing personal activities as she worked hard, as she had to take extra assignments to keep her grades out of the falling range. The only thing that really kept her afloat in the Academy was her knowledge of underground Mosses, Lichens, Algae, and animals. She did take an extra year at the Academy to finish up her needed courses. When she did graduate from the Academy she was at the bottom of her class. Her first posting on the USS Alliance.
Medical Record Pre-Acdemy:

Condition: Extensive intestinal parasites
Treatment: Several months of intestinal medication.
Outcome: Cured of intestinal parasites

Condition: Extensive tooth decay
Treatment: Oral surgery to restore teeth.
Outcome: Healthy teeth and oral

Condition: Malnutrition
Treatment: Healthy foods and vitamin treatments.
Outcome: Healthy and Ideal weight

Physiological Treatment: Due to limited social interaction and education, emotionally erratic by Federation Social Standards.
Treatment: Extensive social interaction and education
Recommendation: Continue with psychological and social interactions

Genetic Alterations and Adaptations: The Novan genetic structure still shows signs of Radiation damage (as reported by the crew of Enterprise NX-01). With centuries living below ground, the Novan eyesight has diminished in bright light (causeing sever discomfort to near blindness), but with enhanced darkvision. All other senses of the Novan people have also an increase of sensitivity. The Novan's also don't have the many gene therapy that all Federation citizens have enjoyed.
Note: Eska has refused any of the gene therapies that where offered to her.

Starfleet Acaedmy

Medically sound and fit for duty
Recommadation: Starfleet Marine Core wishes Eska to join their ranks as a scout, due to her enhanced senses and endurance.

Starfleet has continued with Physiological Treatment, due to limited social interactions. Otherwise is mentally fit for duty.
Academic Performance Barely passed Starfleet Medical and Academy
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2415 to 2420
USS Endurance 2420 to 24XX