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Crewman Apprentice Maggie Mie

Name Maggie Mie

Position Structural/Environmental Specialist

Rank Crewman Apprentice

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Martian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Growing up on ships and stations where it is only artificial gravity, forced Maggie's body to remain slim, elongated limbs. Her skeletal structure was inherently weak because of the artificial gravity, meaning they could only stay on planets for only short periods of time. Ana has beautiful wide oblong dark brown eyes and pale skin, again from never being out in natural light.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rebellious and headstrong by nature and Boomer heritage, Ana is also highly motivated and determined, that is the Boomer and oddly Martian way. Hell, you had to be this way to survive , living in space was not easy place to grow up, and then to learn that you can't visit a planet well, that is completely devastating.



Service Record Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training (Specializing in Structural and Environmental systems)
Graduated and assigned to a old trawler USS Ganymede as a crewmen or technician
Unfortunately she then had some disciplinary issues which luckily was only a demotion to crewmen apprentice
And was quickly assigned to the USS Alliance