Ensign Forsythe O'Driscoll

Name Forsythe Michalis O'Driscoll

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 146 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Forsythe stands at five feet and six inches, black hair and striking blue eyes. Like The O'Driscolls of old, he has a very welsh look to him, Slender and toned with very soft features. He has somewhat broad shoulders, but has a very small frame. His arms are bigger than his shoulders in comparison, But he looks like his father Michalis O'Driscoll III. His hair is long and raven black, the first O'Driscoll born with raven black hair since the early days of the federation. On duty he keep his hair down, his fringe reaches just below his eye line, always covering one eye. Off duty he is constantly wearing a grey beanie hat, Black t-shirts, boots and tight fitting trousers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Forsythe Is a very quiet but intelligent young man, a classicly trained helms man and ladies man at heart. His kindness is the one thing that defines him, However under neath all the intelligence is a razor sharp witt and a tongue thats as sharp as katana. He has a welsh fire to him that very few people ever see, His quiet nature fools many, aluding to the fact that the beast in him is dead instead of sleeping! Easily led and fool hardy when it comes to love, thinking with his heart instead of his head. A True Romantic at heart, but this gets him in trouble always falling for the wromg women who have always hurt him.

Due to this he seems to be very guraded and dosent let that many people in, you really have to fight to get inside his walls and he will make it his mission to make it hard for you. He has a simmering temper that is always either cool or as hot as a vulcan desert, he has gone to great lengths to keep his temper in check, He is so very loving when you get passes his walls and gurads though and he will love you till the very end if he has to.
Strengths & Weaknesses S:Caring,Thoughtful,Protective, Good with a Helm console, A dab hand with a phaser and Full trained in Karate, Quick Witted

W:Paranoid,Temper issues, Lacks Common sense (Sometimes),Dives in head first,
Ambitions To Become a Captain
Hobbies & Interests Reading Maps and Charts
Hand to Hand Combat
Shuttle Flying


Father Michalis O'Driscoll III
Mother Gwendoline Ava O'Driscoll (Nee;Marks)
Brother(s) Archibald Frederic O'driscoll


Personal History Forsythe O’driscoll was born in the valleys of wales in the Uk, One of two children. Decendant of the once great captain Michalis O’driscoll, The captain of the USS Hornet. He was brought up in Abergavenny, where his family have lived most of their lives. The O’Driscoll family are well known Helmsman in starfleet ever since the early days of the federation and all through the romulan war there was always one on a starship. Infact Forsythe’s father is the captain of Steamrunner class The Apollo.

After Forsythe graduated school he went straight into Starfleet Acadamy of course majoring in helm and navigation. It was during the acadamy that he meets his first girlfriend Zowie williams a fellow welsh student. This relationship is the one and only reason He has his walls up, She broke his heart which resulted in him being sent to the med bay for weeks afterwords. She cheated on him, proclaimed they were in an open relationship, went totally psycho on him. She beat him within an inch of his life one night and the day after he tried to overdose on his antidepressants.

During his time in the med bay there was a few times he almost died due to the overdose, But the doctors managed to keep him alive by the skin of his teeth. It has caused some lasting damage to his psyche. Forsythe after this had to attend regular counselling sessions with a vulcan psychiatrist, That helped him using a whole manner of Vulcan Meditation techniques. After a year he was discharged from the councillors care and allowed to return to his studies.

Now he has graduated from the academy, with a full honours in Helm and Navigation. He has been chosen Be the helms man for the USS endurance ,
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy (Helm and Navigation)
Starfleet Medical (Councillior Residency, Vulcan)
USS Endurance (Ensign Helm Officer)