Lieutenant Colonel Sydney Stone

Name Sydney Stone

Rank Lieutenant Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description She is not a very tall woman, but her small stature is solidly built after many years of manual labor on the farm and later years in the corps. Though she is not curvaceous, her body isn't without feminine shape, although this falls second to most everything else. Her features are long, smooth, and bright.

She is not what one would consider classically pretty, but there is a charm to it when she chooses. Her hair is light brown and to her shoulders, though most the time is pulled back, because it just gets in the way. She walks now with a characteristic limp.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Syd is strong-willed, hard-working, and focused. Sometimes, things get left on the sidelines when the drive picks up and she sets herself to task, but she always does her best at whatever she does. She's a serious and quiet girl and has sometimes become accused of being a Vulcan in disguise because of how much she keeps it all to herself, but inwardly, she's a thoughtful, compassionate creature. It’s shown in her doctoring, if nowhere else oftentimes.

The injury to her leg and the changes to her life that it brought, as well as the sudden ending of one of the few serious relationships in her life, has caused some bitterness to creep in, but she knows it. Her philosophical nature saw it and keeps it at bay, although it creeps out sometimes in a cynical edge and macabre humor.
Hobbies & Interests Outdoor Activates, Research, Reading, Equestrianism


Father Ben Stone
Mother Rosa Stone
Sister(s) Three


Personal History Stony Creek Farm is one of the few working farms still in existence. It has been around through many generations and although it has integrated some technology over the years, it remains very much as it was decades, even centuries, ago. It is known for breeding and raising horses of the finest quality as work horses, to show, or for pets and casual riders.

Sydney was born the second of four girls to Ben and Rosa Stone--the current owners and caretakers of Stony Creek, which came to them as a family legacy, passed down through the generations. Being born here meant that Syd was raised as the classic farm girl. As much time went to studies as went to hard, manual labor. All work with the horses and the barn was (and is) done by hand, not automation. They even hayed their own fields.

Life at Stony Creek was not exciting, but Syd never minded this. From early on, she was a serious girl. She had no trouble enjoying things and having fun, but she was always quiet, all the same. Everything was accepted very matter-of-factly outwardly, though inwardly she developed a rather philosophical nature.

She learned early on that she had a strong desire and talent for taking care of things, healing things. By her mid to late teenage years, she was the farm's starting line vet. If a horse took ill, she was triage. She treated them with what they had and cared for them and it was she who determined if a more trained animal physician needed to be called. Incidentally, she did this for the people as well. It was here that her quiet, serious nature became an asset. People listened to her and could tell she was doing her best to care for them.

Her older sister was twenty-two when Syd turned eighteen and by that time had already married, and it was clear that she had every interest to be the next Stone to take the family farm when the time came. This freed all the other siblings to choose other paths. Syd was content to remain working with her family at the farm, but she began taking courses at a local community college.

When she was twenty, she wanted something more. Her older sister had already had a child by then and the house was getting crowded. Syd felt that it was the right time to move on and having consulted with her uncle, Henry Stone, she decided to join Starfleet, but not as the average Starfleet officer. Henry's history and his guiding led her to the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Whether it was finally the draw of a life that was more than steady or something else, she would never quite be sure, but she joined up and trained as a doctor, specializing in field medicine. She attended Starfleet Medical, attaining her doctorate alongside her Starfleet credentials. It was overtime work, little sleep, and lots of stress, but it was something she very much wanted and she went for it with serious dedication.

Something about it all brought out the best in her. This was learned ever more through her time in basic training, after Starfleet Academy and Medical. This was where her skills were very and obviously needed: healing those who put themselves in danger in pursuit of higher causes.

She had no illusions about what 'in the field' was; life and death were a natural way of things to a farm girl like her, and sometimes, what needed to be done needed to be done. This was accepted and she knew what she was walking in to. Growing up as she did had made her strong, tough, and able to endure the Marine life.

At twenty-five, she was sent to a unit assigned to peacekeeping duties that was temporarily assigned to the ravaged colony on Turkana IV. The assignment was short-lived, as she learned all such things were on this planet, but in that time, she learned firsthand what it was like to be a medic right near the front lines. As a Marine, she was trained to survive it and it was a brutal reality, but in it, she found her calling. She volunteered to be among the group that traversed deeper into the colony and provided medical care for anyone unfortunate enough to be unable to leave.

For the next four years, she would have three different postings and was often assigned to such temporary duties to harsher areas where medical services were needed. She never flinched at the hard assignments and always went to task with a single-minded focus. Her commanders, although frustrated at times when this focus became particularly single-minded, would still say fair things about her. She got the job done and took good care of people in her care, even if she left other things in life slip past in this pursuit. This was what she was meant to do.

Eventually, she was posted as Chief Medical Officer on the MCS Miramar. It was an interesting experience, a ship only of Marines, but she took to it. She saw it through a training mission that went awry on the planet Lutra and later through trouble with pirates at the fleet's border. It was after that mission that she was promoted to major. Having worked hard for the past years, though, she took her extended leave time and grew close to Major Cail, who had been her commander on the Miramar and was now a Marine advisor for the fleet.

Before long, she was slated to work on Trilista Colony, but life being what it was, she was instead assigned as CMO on Starbase Raven. This was only temporary, however. She was moved to be the chief medic for a large Marine unit sent to assist a wartorn world. Cail had left Raven and things had ended between them, so she was eager for the new assignment and ready for another challenge.

She got one, but it wasn't what she had expected.

On the front lines, Syd had been injured many times, but she had always recovered very quickly. Unfortunately, she wasn't to be that lucky this time. She took an injury to the leg that field medicine couldn't fully treat and they couldn't get her off the planet for more advanced medicine. They saved her leg, but she'd always have a slight limp.

She was still a Marine, but it was discussed and decided to pull her out of field medic work. She instead turned to a command track, serving as the second officer and chief of medical on the Marine vessel Makin Island.

Her tenure on the Makin would be short but eventful. Experiments and a terrorist situation to follow would crash the ship and she was unable to escape. She was forced to get through Jeffries tubes to lead her people and patients to the surface, only to be captured by the natives until they were rescued. She was eventually promoted to first officer on the Makin.

In 2418, after six years on the Makin, she was offered command of the Marine vessel Kearsarge. She didn’t want the “big chair,” however, and she turned it down. In their wisdom, the chief of the corps determined she was “too comfortable” on the Makin and she was transferred to the Kearsage as XO instead.

In 2420, she was transferred to the Eli.