Season 1 - Prologue

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Start Date Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 10:09pm
End Date Sat Sep 12th, 2020 @ 10:09pm

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Title Timeline Location
Mission Briefing
by Captain Rufus Walker & Lieutenant Commander Erin Quinn & Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD
Day 6 at 0830 Briefing Room 1, Deck 1
Welcome to Sickbay, How May I Help You Today?
by Medical / Sciences EMH Mark XI & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD
Day 3 at 1450 Main Sickbay, USS Alliance
by Captain Rufus Walker
Day 3 at 0500 Scottish Highlands
by Captain Rufus Walker & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl
Day 2 at 2045 Main Engineering
Coming Aboard
by Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Captain Rufus Walker
Day 2 at 1335 Main Shuttlebay, USS Alliance
The Sea ‘Heir’
by Captain Rufus Walker
Day 1 at 1730 San Francisco Bay, Earth
by Ensign Eska & Ensign Shinkaar Zhev
Day 1 at 0815 Office of Starfleet Personnel, Starfleet Command
Mental Notes & Cold Tea
by Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw
Day 1 at 0000

Mission Summary