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The Eli, is a Defiant II Class starship an uprated version of the original class. The Defiant Class was originally commissioned as an anti-Borg response vessel, equipped for short range tactical missions, and following successful deployments during the Dominion War of 2373 - 2375, Starfleet opted to refine the class for more wide scale usage throughout the Federation.


Class Defiant Class
Role Escort Frigate
Duration 20 years
Time Between Refits 5 years
Time Between Resupply 6 months


Length 160m
Width 108m
Height 35m
Decks 5


Officers 15
Enlisted Crew 20
Marines 10
Emergency Capacity 200

Propulsion & Power Generation

Cruise Speed 5
Maximum Speed 9
Emergency Speed 9.95 (3 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defensive Systems 20cm Mark II Ablative Armour
Regenerative Shielding
Mark IV Cloaking Device
Active Holographic Camouflage System
Offensive Systems Phaser Arrays arranged as:
4 x Integrated Pulse Phase Cannons [Forward facing mounted in pairs]
1 x 360° Circular Array Mounted on Bridge Rim
2 x 180° Lateral Phaser Strips mounted to underside of Integrated Warp Nacelles
Torpedo Launchers
2 x Forward Facing Integrated Torpedo Launchers
1 x Rear Facing Torpedo Launcher
Sensor Loadout 100 Photon Torpedos
200 Quantum Torpedos
1x Detachable 'End Game' Warhead

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 2 x Type 10 Shuttlecraft
Fighters 2 x Razor Support Fighters