242003.28 | CO | When Two Become One

Posted on Sat Mar 28th, 2020 @ 3:54pm by Colonel Tobias Keyes

Mission: Episode 0
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day Minus 1
Tags: crew, transfers, use Eli,

The Eli, like it's sister ship the Job, had taken a beating during their last assignment, which primarily involved repelling the advances of Cardassian separatists based in the badlands near Deep Space Nine.

Following a debrief with SFMC Command, the ship was to be assigned to Starfleet’s Fifth, ‘Echo’ Fleet. She would be refitted, her warp engine and offensive systems completely replaced for newer models and sent out to patrol the Azurean Corridor.

A question had been raised as to why the Naval service couldn’t have provided their own ship - but given the increased combativeness of pirates, and the growing skirmishes between the Klingons and Romulans on either side of the corridor, it was felt a more tactical approach should be taken.

That being said, given that the Eli and Job would not be returning to Marine Command, the ship's crew roster would be supplement by colleagues from Starfleet’s naval branch.

- Ready Room, Deck 1

Keyes wasn’t an elitist, but experience had taught him over his 30 year career that Marine’s just ran a tighter ship than their counterparts in the Naval service. There were many reasons for this, but primarily the Marine’s were given combative assignments, which required discipline and tight, regulated actions. Meanwhile, their counterparts in the exploration arm of Starfleet had the luxury of relaxing and enjoying themselves on their long multi-year missions of exploration.

After returning an empty glass of Bushmills Irish Whiskey to the replicator, Colonel Keyes sunk into his chair, the mechanism in it's stalk letting out the faintest of whirrs as it adjusted to his weight being applied to it. The Colonel, a 50 something career marine, let out a disgruntled puff of air as he thumbed over the latest padd containing the ship's readiness reports. He tossed it down onto the desk with a clatter, the sound of it joining the ever growing pile.

He searched the desk for the PADD labeled - CREW TRANSFERS - eventually finding it under 4 others that covered topics such as the new warp drive schematics, after action reports from the USS Job and intelligence reports from the OAD.

As he read down the PADD, he noted that almost 50% of the crew that would be assigned to Eli, would now come from divisons other than the Marine Corp. While he understood the logistics of the decision, he was not a prospect that he didn’t relish.