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Coming Aboard

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 3:09am by Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Captain Rufus Walker

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Main Shuttlebay, USS Alliance
Timeline: Day 2 at 1335

The Shuttlecraft Tucan glided into the main shuttle bay of the USS Alliance, performed a tight 180 degree turn, and set down on the deck with a low, but audible, clunk. The composite metal rear hatch let off a hiss as the pressurised atmosphere inside the shuttle escaped from the edges and into the wider shuttle bay. The hydraulic mechanism whirred as it pushed the hatch to the ground, that hatch itself making a similar audible clunk when it completed its action.

Exiting the craft, Captain Rufus Walker strode down the hatch and onto the ship. A throughly unceremonious, but appropriate, entrance given the short amount of time since his promotion and appointment. Greeting him at the base of the ramp, was a woman who he immediately recognised from her personnel file photo. His new Executive Officer Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw. He understood that she had been assigned by Starfleet to oversee the final commissioning of the USS Alliance, and had agreed to stay on as the ships Executive Officer. ~Who better to help run the ship, that the person responsible for overseeing its final assembly,~ he'd thought to himself when reading the briefing pack.

"Commander Wallace-Shaw," he smiled broadly, the diplomat in him taking over as he extended his hand, "nice to meet you."

"Captain Walker," Jacky greeted with a warm smile as she stepped forward and took the offered hand. The counselor in her own mind taking a stroll alongside his diplomat. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir, and welcome aboard your new ship."

"Well, Commander," he chuckled, "I think it is fair to say, this is *our* new ship.". The ramp to the shuttle behind began to lift back into the upright position, as the Commanding and Executive Officer started towards the exit.

"Nothing beats that new ship smell, eh?" They continued out into the corridor, taking a left towards the nearest turbolift, "I understand that you've been onboard helping finalise the build, how has that been going?"

Jacky nodded as they walked, lacing her hands behind her back and keeping in step with the captain. "I'm happy to report that things have been going according to schedule and our setbacks have been of the minor and fairly anticipated sort. After all, few things every go off without any hitch. We have one especially superstitious engineer who believes it to be gremlins in the engine room, of course."

"Ah yes, the Gremlins." Their walk down the corridor ended, as they entered an empty turbolift car, which was patiently awaiting them. "I'm guessing they're the same Gremlins that meant I had to arrive by shuttle, rather than transporter. Is there an ETA on when they'll be up and running?"

The matte metal doors of the turbolift car slid closed with a low swish of air, "I suppose we should head to the Bridge, unless there is anywhere else you'd like to show me first?"

"The bridge is a good place to start," Jacky said with a smile. "As for the transporters, we are hoping to have the gremlin evicted by the end of the day."

As the turbolift car traversed the ship, its change in direction indicted by a change in the sound frequency produced by the mechanisms, they continued their conversation.

"I wonder if you would mind getting me a snagging list of what's left to be done. We're due to have a commissioning service in 12 days time. I'd like to ensure there is nothing obvious that would impede that. My understanding is that the Romulan and Klingon Ambassadors will be coming to see us off. The top brass is really pushing the optics of us going out and flying the flag, I wouldn't the dignitaries to be arriving by shuttle." The lift came to a halt, and the doors swished open to reveal the Alliance's bridge.

[Main Bridge, USS Alliance, Earth Drydock]

Greyer that the luxurious bridges of the Galaxy and Ambassador class ships, the Vesta class bridge module had been designed to be more utilitarian, akin to that of the Intrepid Class ships. The USS Alliance's bridge had been modified to sit between the two. As they stepped out onto the bridge from the Turbolift, Rufus Walker took a long look around, noting the location of the consoles and centre seats.

"I have to say, this is an impressive design, Commander. Definitely a bit more welcoming than I was expecting." He bounced on his heels, testing the springiness of the floor. "Carpet over the deck plating, they've gone all out," he joked.

"As you said," Jacky commented, walking and stopping alongside him, "they are pushing the optics and the flag-flying, so they have worked to mix working well with looking good."

The Captain nodded, and walked down to the centre chair, "Maybe, I'll just give it a try."

Walker, now seated in the Captain's chair, hands grasping the armrests. "I have to go back to Earth for a briefing, and to pack up my belongings before they're transported to the ship. In the mean time, I'd appreciate if you could get together with the Engineer for an update."

The ship's exec nodded. "Of course, sir," she said without sitting down herself. "Would you like the most recent report on long-term projections while I update on the short-term updates?"

Standing again, Walker took a few steps towards the Ready Room door. "That would be great Commander, thank you. In the mean time, I'm going to take myself on a little walk around."


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