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Mental Notes & Cold Tea

Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 @ 4:56am by Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw sat in the office of the executive officer aboard the USS Alliance. There was a cup of tea on the desk and she had her hand on the handle, but it had gone cool while her thoughts were distracted while reading from the PADD in her hand. It was among the final reports on the work and checks being done on the ship. Its new crew had been arriving slowly, but the commander knew that there would be a huge surge coming very soon.

Among them would be her new captain, and she was ready to hand over the reins.

She knew that she hadn't been "the ship's captain" during this time, but for matters of the Alliance, she had otherwise been at the top of this particular food chain and there was a 'feeling' that came with it. That particular feeling wasn't one she wanted to live with forever, so there would be relief once the captain arrived.

Jacky finally finished reading and she set the PADD on her desk, picking up the tea to take a sip. She was interrupted by a chirp from her computer console before she had a chance, so she set the mug down and pressed the button. "Wallace-Shaw," she answered politely before the image of the Starfleet delta had even been replaced with the person on the other side...who, as it turned out, was a very familiar face.

"So formal," Catherine Wallace teased. She had the same blonde hair as Jacky but instead of inheriting their father's grey eyes, she'd gotten their mother's brown ones. She'd also gotten their dad's slender figure, whereas Jacky... Well. She got their mother's curves.

"What do you want from me?" Jacky teased. "I've been fielding a lot of work and being all commander-like and such."

"The red is still so weird," her sister returned. After all, for all of Jacky's fleet career, she'd worn the teal color. She had been a counselor until moving onto a diplomacy and command track. It wasn't a precisely new event since that had happened, but her sister rarely gave her a chance to let her forget it. Sisters were like that. Still, it was all warmly intended and it didn't really bother her. "I know you've been busy," the younger woman went on. "It's why I called. Don't forget Mom's birthday is tomorrow!"

Jacky grimaced hard. "Oh, dear. I would have. Thank you for the call. I owe you!"

Cathy laughed. "You bet your ass you do."

"Language," Jacky teased.

The younger Wallace woman rolled her eyes. "Call Mom tomorrow and don't tell her I told you."

Jacky rolled her eyes now. "Of course not. I may be wearing a red collar now, but it didn't mean that I had to turn in my brain with my promotion."

Catherine pursed her lips in a 'don't make me actually reply to that' expression before the channel chirped and closed, her sister's face being replaced once again with the slowly-rotating Starfleet emblem.

With a few quick taps and typing, Jacky set herself a reminder about the call to her mother. Truth was that she'd been so busy overseeing matters for the Alliance that she had forgotten to eat on multiple occasions, and she'd forgotten what day it was on even more occasions... She wasn't surprised she had forgotten a once-a-year event when a daily-requirement-for-survival could fall by the wayside. Things were getting better, though.

The captain would be here soon, and the rest of the crew shortly thereafter. It would slow down and normalize, so she was sure that now was the moment she would stop forgetting so much.

Finally, she lifted the cup of mug to her lips and took a sip.

She immediately spit the distastefully-cold, long-forgotten liquid back into the mug.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw
Executive Officer, USS Alliance


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