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Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 1:53pm by Ensign Eska & Ensign Shinkaar Zhev

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Office of Starfleet Personnel, Starfleet Command
Timeline: Day 1 at 0815

Eska was rushing into Starfleet Command as she had a meeting with someone. She was nearing the doors when she got a flash of sunlight into her eyes and she ended up crashing into the wall, as tears had welled up. Not because of the full face plant she did into the wall, but her sensitive eyes. Several other Starfleet offices came over to see if she was alright. She told them that she was fine and was running very late for a meeting.

The lecture theatre style room was fairly large, it easily would have fitted 150 people. Ensign Shinkaar Zhev sat by himself, the Tellarite hidden away in the back row, grumbled under his breath reading over a padd. Getting assign to a deep space starship was not his idea of a favourable posting. He'd much rather have remained on solid ground. He flicked through the pages of information.

Eska finally stumbled into the room, with tears lightly running down her cheeks. She mumbled out a fer apologies as she bumped into a few other before she found an empty seat. Once she sat down she started to paw for a PaDD that should be on the desk, as she was blinking rapidly, trying to clear her vision.

"Stop. Stop." the Tellerite complained, "You'll hurt yourself, or worse, you'll hurt me. Let me get that for you." He gruffed as he reached forward and lifted the PADD before placing it directly in the palm of his colleague. "I'm Zhev. Security Officer. Whats your posting going to be on the Alliance?"

She fumbled with the PaDD that the man had placed in her hands. She was still blinking rapidly as she was attempting to read the information. "Eska." She stated slowly. "'ed'cal." She had said in Novan. Then she let out a sigh. "Medical."

"Medical. Interesting. Have you had your quarters assigned yet? I've been given a cabin in Junior Officer's quarters on Deck 11. Apparently, I have to share the amenities with 3 others. I hope they don't smell." He let out a gruff chuckle as if he'd made the funniest joke of all time. Tellarites may have been founding members of the Federation, but they still loved to insult people.

Eska turned the PaDD a little one way and her her head a little another. Then she poke slowly. "Deck 11, Junior Officer's quarters, room 1139." She let out a moan as she read the names. She covered her eyes to help the headache that had formed between her eyes. "Smell, told, I was." She said lowly.

Glimpsing at the PADD in Eska's hand, the Telleratie let out a gruff. "You don't smell so bad, Novan. Just as well, looks like we're sharing." He leaned over and pointed at a name on the PADD, "that's me. I've a transport booked for 12:00 hours if you'd like to split it."

She groaned again. "Help, I no have do." Eska stated with her odd speech pattern. She sighed again. "Thank you, I wouldn't have to try and figure that out."

As the information session in front of them came to an end, the Tellarite stood, the chairs in front of him straining under the pressure of his large belly. He squeezed his way to the end of the row, "You can call me Zhev. I'll see you at Landing Pad 21 Alpha, at eleven thirty hours. It is only a short flight to the shop from here."

"'Kay." Eska said slowly getting up. She was still not happy, but at least on a ship she could adjust light levels. Sighing heavily she headed for the door.


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