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Posted on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 2:03pm by Captain Rufus Walker
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Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Scottish Highlands
Timeline: Day 3 at 0500

[0500 UTC, Commando Memorial, Locaber, Scottish Highlands, Earth]

It was high enough in the Scottish highland, that even at this time of year the air was crisp cold, requiring the use of thermal outerwear by those who were thermally sensitive.

The monument consisted of a cast bronze sculpture of three Commandos in characteristic dress complete with cap comforter, webbing and rifle, standing atop a stone plinth. The landscape gardens, surrounding the monument provided amazing crew of the Scottish countryside.

Walker stood, head bowed in respect, to the war memorial in front of him. The Starfleet Captain whispered some prayers to himself. He had chosen this monument, in the Scottish Highlands, as the place to remember his parents.

An unusual choice no doubt, but with his father having been from the region, he could trace back names on the monument back through his family tree. Men and women from generations passed, who all bore the walker name who had given their life during a war. His father and mothers names, had been inscribed on an extension to the monument. The local people honouring the Scottish men and women, of all races, who gave their life in the Dominion War for the Federation.

Finishing his actions of remembrance, he lay a small bunch of flowers at the base of the moment, and strolled the gardens. As he completed his first lap, his Yeoman approached,

"Sir," the Andorian spoke, her breath freezing in the cold morning air, "We need to depart for Starfleet Command. Your briefing is due to start in 60 minutes." she turned at this with emotion to the awaiting Shuttlecraft."
Walker nodded, pulled his Starfleet issued overcoat around himself, and glanced at the Yeoman, who stood with only the most basic of layers on.

"You know, Pele, I'm a little jealous that Andorians don't really feel the cold." He smirked, as he walked through his own frozen mist of breath, waving it away with his hand. Together, the Captain and the Yeoman approached the shuttlecraft door and entered together.

"What 'cold' sir?" Pele joked with her superior officer, she glanced back out of the craft and to the ice crystals on the ground, "Oh, that cold? Almost felt like home."

Rufus Walker scoffed as his sat in one of the aft chairs, he reached into a briefing bag and pulled out a number of pads that he was suppose to have read by now, "Alright, alright. Let's go back to where it is warm please."

[0615, Briefing Room 27A, Starfleet Command, Earth]

Handing his overcoat to an awaiting clerk, Rufus entered the briefing room, and quickly took the only remaining seat available. Around the oval shaped table sat 9, Rufus made 10, Commanding Officers of various ranks, some as low as Lieutenant Commander, all with new pips pinned to their chests.

Admiral Nixon, stood from his own seat, placed strategically in front of a large screen that had been wheeled into the room for this meeting. "Now that our final attendee has arrived, we can begin." The Admiral shot a disapproving glance over at Walker.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, Nongendered species, this briefing is classified above Top Secret. The information being shared here today, is restricted to select Flag and Command Officers. Not even the President themselves knows of the information you're about to be briefed on." The officers around the table glanced at each other confusingly, some leaned further in their seats, their interest piqued. "Under no circumstances if the information contain herein, to be discussed outside of these walls."

The Admiral moved towards the screen behind him, and gave it a gentle tap. The screen immediately, brought up a blue coloured greek character, 'Ω'. "General Order Zero, The Omega Directive. Supersedes all other Starfleet General Orders, including the Prime Directive. Captain Tenvit of Starfleet Science will deliver the detail."

A teal uniformed, Vulcan moved to replace the Admiral in front of the screen, the image changing from the Omega symbol, to the depiction of a molecule rotating clockwise.

“This is Omega." The Vulcan began, in a dry monotone voice, "The most powerful substance known to exist. A single Omega molecule contains the same energy as a warp core. The molecule was first synthesised over a hundred years ago, by a Starfleet physicist named Ketteract. He was hoping to develop an inexhaustible power source. In theory, a small chain of them could sustain a civilisation, indefinetly."

The image on the screen changed again, the rotating particle replaced by the image of a damaged Starbase.

“Ketteract managed to synthesise a single molecule particle of Omega, but it only existed for a fraction of a second before it destabilised. This," the Vulcan pointed to the screen, "was a classified research station in the Lantaru Sector. Ketteract and one hundred twenty six of the Federation's leading scientists were lost in the accident. Rescue teams attempting to reach the site discovered an unexpected secondary effect. There were...are... subspace ruptures extending out several light years. It is now impossible to create a stable warp field there in the Lantaru Sector. You can only fly through it at sublight speeds.”

The Vulcan scientist stepped back rom the screen, taking a seat to the side of the screen. Admiral Nixon stepped forward, a serious look came across his face, “Omega destroys subspace. A chain reaction involving a handful of molecules could devastate subspace throughout an entire Quadrant." The screen behind him changed back to displaying the Omega symbol, "If that were to happen, warp travel would become impossible. Space-faring civilisation as we know it would cease to exist. When we realised Omega's power, we suppressed all knowledge of it. The Omega Directive, when invoked gives Starfleet Captains the authority to do what ever is required to eliminate that threat.”

"Questions?" The screen changed to black, and the Admiral returned to his seat. Almost instantly, every officer around the room signalled they'd a question. "Alright, lets work our way round the table, left to right..."


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