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Welcome to Sickbay, How May I Help You Today?

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 7:50pm by Medical / Sciences EMH Mark XI & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Main Sickbay, USS Alliance
Timeline: Day 3 at 1450

The USS Alliance was still receiving the vast majority of its crew. Over the course of the last few days, almost two thirds of the ships entire compliment was now onboard. During the final phases of the fit out, the ships Medical Holographic system was able to cope with the minor aliments that the crew had reported. The larger cases, transferred back to the Dry Dock's own medical facility.

Dr. Benjamin Lucas had beamed up from Earth not more than an hour ago, but now found his way onto the Alliance, and into his new home, sickbay. He shifted his shoulder bag on his shoulder as he stepped through the automatic door that opened into sickbay.

The holographic sensors picked up the Doctor's entrance into the Sickbay, with no medical personnel available the contingency subroutine engaged and activated the Emergency Medical Hologram. Its holographic projectors hummed as they powered on, and the EMHs silhouette filled out from the outside in - first the photonic forcefield came defined her shape, followed by the details of the uniform, and finally her personal attributes - brown hair, brown eyes, and just the right amount of facial markings to give the look of a confident and experiences 40 something Doctor.

Facing the wrong direction, she turned on her heels to view the doorway, her greeting protocol kicking in, "Welcome to Sickbay. How may I help you today?"

"Shi-" started Ben. Not typically surprised, he still occasionally caught off guard by the apparition of a EMH. "I uh, yes," he began to compose himself, "I am Lieutenant Commander Lucas. Just came on board, wanted stop into sickbay before heading up to check in with the XO. I am sorry for the intrusion of stopping in before I am checked in."

"Ah yes, you're the new Chief Medical Officer. Well, I guess you won't need much use for me once you're settled in," she looked flustered as she paced over to a biobed, and started running her hands over it, as if she was trying to remove creases.

"I've been looking after the minor injuries onboard. Haven't met the Captain myself yet, "she let out a nervous fluttery laugh, "well your Medical staff are due in the next 72 hours..."

"I, uh, yes. Your efforts are much appreciated. Anything I need to be made aware of?" he stepped behind the nursing station and replicated a cup of coffee on a saucer.

"Only that the crew seems to have an incredible tendency to fall over and injure themselves. Even doing the most meaningless of tasks." The hologram chuckled. "There are no current active medical experiments. As the Main Operating Theatre is still under fitout, any major maladies have been transferred to the Dry Dock's facilities."

He chuckled at the hologram's joke, which when he took half a second to think about was rather odd, but to be fair he was a doctor on a spaceship that can travel faster than light, so he didn't take much time to think on it. "Good to know. How long before the Theater will be complete? How has the transfer of medical supplies been going? How long before we can be fully 'open for business'?" the young Doctor leaded against the nursing station.

"The Engineering team have told me it will be finished in the next day or so. I think my emitters," she pointed at random places around the rooms ceiling "are the amongst the final components. The majority of the Medical crew are due in the next 3 days."

The EMH walked over to the Nurses station, and presented a PADD to the Doctor. "Welcome board Doctor Lucas."


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