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242003.28 | CO, XO & MCO | Arrivals

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 5:53pm by Colonel Tobias Keyes & Lieutenant Colonel Sydney Stone & Lieutenant Lehn Aarvon
Edited on on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 12:53pm

Mission: Episode 0
Location: Various, USS Eli
Timeline: Mission Day, Minus 1

- Deck 1, Ready Room

It had been a long haul, but Keyes had finally completed the stack of 'paper work' on his desk. As he stacked the PADDs neatly for his Adjutant to take away.

He rose from his desk, rounded it and headed for the exit, as the door slid open he stepped out into the corridor immediately beyond it. Defiant Class ships are extremely compact, with no wasted space and as such, his administrative staff had been located elsewhere on the ship.

Keyes made his way to the nearest turbo lift, tapping his combadge as he walked, "Keyes to Aarvon, the XO is due to come aboard in 15 minutes, I'd be grateful if you could meet her at the docking port and escort her to the mess section."

"Aarvon here" the trill said, getting out of his bunk. The life of an mp was a busy one after all. "On my way there now, Colonel."

- Deck 3 , Main Airlock

Lieutenant Colonel Sydney Stone made her way to her newest posting: the USS Eli, a primarily Marine ship that was somehow pressganged into service with Starfleet's naval side. That was fine by her, however, because she was very familiar with working on multi-branch ships, stations, and colonies. She had worked on both and with both and all and everyone over her years in the Corps, so she was more than ready for whatever came her way.

Having cleared port security, she reached the airlock onto the Eli and waited for the doors to open so she could step through.

That didn't take too long. The barrier of metal and transparent aluminum parted revealing a marine lieutenant colonel. "Someday." Lehn said. "Colonel Stone? Captain Penn Aaarvon, I oversee the MP unit on the Eli."

"Thank you, Captain," Syd said with the proper salute to acknowledge him. "Glad to meet you."

Lehn saluted back. "Likewise, Colonel." He said. " If you'll follow me please?"

- Deck 2, Mess Section

Keyes spooned another mouthful of porridge into his mouth. It felt that between every few slurps of the gruel like food product, yet another Junior crewman walked through the Mess Section on route to another part of the ship. They would enter from one side, laden down with the resupplies for the ship, freeze on seeing him, and attempt to stand at attention before he'd wave the spoon at them signally that they should just continue on. It took some 20 minutes for him to finish the breakfast, before he finally set down the spoon for the final time.

He slid the bowl forward, and then rub his hands over his face in an attempt to further wake himself up.

It naturally took little time at all for the commander of the Marines and the ship's first officer to reach the mess, given that the airlock was only one deck below. That was a nice part of this class of vessel, although its size came with issues as well.

When they reached the captain--who she recognized from the personnel file she had received--she came to attention smartly and saluted. Her leg twisted slightly, and the old wound sent a snapshot of pain from knee to ribs but she didn't let it show. She was used to it. "Lieutenant Colonel Sydney Stone, reporting as ordered, sir."

"At ease, Colonel. Welcome onboard. You'll have to excuse meeting in the mess and not my ready room, but I haven't had a chance to eat this morning." Keyes rose from the seat to meet his new Executive Officer. "How was your journey here?"

"Thank you, sir," Syd said with a nod. "My journey was fine. And yes, I can imagine there is plenty to keep one busy aboard, especially integrating naval officers onto a Marine ship."

"About 50% of our officers, and 30% of our enlisted crew are now from the naval side of Starfleet. Command felt it was the quickest way to get us back up to full crew, without having to divert back with a Marine Corp base." He signalled to the Colonel to join him, as he moved to the exit the mess section and make his way back to the bridge. "We're awaiting the arrival of our Chief TAC-SEC in the next few hours, and we'll be getting underway."

She fell in step with him, limping slightly but having no trouble keeping up. "Understood, sir. I have yet to receive a full briefing on the ship's mission and where the ship is due to head first."

Keyes nodded, "Well, Colonel, since the dissolution of the Confederation, the split in the Romulan society, and the increased tensions between the Romulans and Klingons, Starfleet has retasked us - along with 4 other Defiant class ships, to patrol the Azurean Corridor for privateers, to deter skirmishes and do everything we can to keep the peace."

Together they exited out in the enclosed corridors that came with sure a small ship, such as the Eli. "It's hopefully to get be relatively straight forward Border Patrol and Peace Keeping operations."

As they continued down the deck, the intercom chirped, with an announcement from the Eli's Mission Advisor, Erin Quinn "Colonels Keyes & Stone, please report to the Operations Centre. There is a transmission for you from the Area Commander."

-- End Log

Colonel Tobias Keyes
Commanding Officer
apb Nixon

Lt. Colonel Sydney Stone
Executive Officer
apb Bella

MCpt Lehn Aarvon
Marine CO
apb Rich


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