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Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 7:46pm by Captain Rufus Walker & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Day 2 at 2045

Zihisa was using the large main pool table, to look over specs of the ships electro-plasma system, the system was efficient, but it also had a pretty nasty drawback if one of the conduits explodes, it discharges all that stored energy, or a cascading blackout.

For right now, she was familiarizing herself with all the what she was calling the problem areas, these areas were common on ships across the galaxy, and she figured the more she knew about them the quicker she could get them fixed. Moving from one screen to next she was unaware that someone was behind her, which would've been verbal berating by her father.

Walker, having met with the XO on the bridge some hours earlier was continuing his tour of the vessel. As the doors open, he entered the main engineering section of the Alliance and spied a young Ensign pouring over details on the Pool table. He approached at a quick pace, "Ensign. I'm wondering if you can help me."

He handed over a PADD. "My understanding from a conversation with the Executive Officer, is that the Transporters may not be operational in time fo the commissioning ceremony. I arrived on the Shuttle Toucan, but honestly, it felt a bit sluggish pulling up through the atmosphere. Could you take a look at it for me?"

The ensign looked up, before taking the PaDD Zihisa gave the captain a polite nod, "shouldn't the transporters take priority?" Zihisa asked, staying professional but was a little shocked at he request.

"You're not wrong Ensign," the Captain smiled as he places his flat upon the pool table. "However, should the Chief Engineer and the Transporter Chief, fail to get it online in time, I'd really like the Admiral to have the smoothest flight possible."

Taking his hands off the table, he raised his arms cocked at 90 degrees to his chest and started making a waving motion with his arms, "Don't want him buffeted and getting space sick as he exits the Earth's atmosphere now, do we?"

"No I guess we do not," Zihisa said looking over the PaDD, sighing slightly, "I'll need a few hours, but it looks like a simple enough fix," Zihisa said looking back at the captain.

"Fantastic Ensign. Thank you." he turned from the pool table, and walked down the main stretch of engineering to the quantum slipstream core. "Big, isn't it?" he craned his neck to look up the length the core. "From here to the Frontier in 90 minutes."

Zihisa never understood the fascination with the concept of quantum travel, yes faster was somehow always better, but was faster always better. As she collected her tools, she looked up at the core, "yes very impressive," but in reality all she saw was just all the potential problems, and if it did go critical just amount of damage it would do to the universe.

"I mean, it might get you there in 90 minutes" he paused and turned back to face the Ensign, "but you won't see much along the way, eh? Anyway Ensign, I'll let you crack on. Let me know when you've got the Toucan sorted."

"Yes of course, captain," Zihisa said as she finished double checking her tools. And with that she gave the captain one last nod before heading out.


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