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The Night Shift II

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2020 @ 8:44pm by Captain Rufus Walker & Lieutenant Commander Erin Quinn & Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Day 1 at 0230

He didn't know if it was the new bed, the sympathetic vibration of the ships decking, or the streaks of stellar light zipping by the window but the Captain, could just not get to sleep. After 3 unsuccessful hours combatting this bout of insomnia, Walker tossed in the bed, with a horizontal hop from one side of it to the other and back again. If nothing, he was getting a good core workout. As his chronometer struck zero two thirty hours, he admitted defeated, rose from his bed and sauntered from his bedroom, to the large living area that starship Captain's were afforded due to their position.

Awake but not alert, and not having truly gotten use to the layout of his new home, Walker stumbled his way through the furniture towards the replicator. On arrival he mumbled in the general direction of the magical recess in the wall that could produce almost any item the heart desired, and requested a hot cup of peppermint tea. When the flash and hum of the materialisation matrix finished, he grasped the cup and took a weary sip. The immediate sense of satisfaction from the taste of the peppermint hitting his tongue was vaporised by chime of the ships intercom.

"Commanding, Executive and Chief Medical Officers to the bridge!" the inexperienced bridge officer blurted over the speaker, with a mixed inflection of anxiety and urgency.

Executive Officer's Quarters

For her part, Commander Wallace-Shaw had not been having the same issues with sleep that the captain had. In fact, she had been quite soundly asleep when the loud beep and the semi-panicked voice of the officer of the watch chimed into her quarters. She groaned and put her arm over her eyes, even as her legs habitually slid toward the edge of the bed. "On my way..."

Chief Medical Officer's Quarters

Doctor Lucas rolled over onto his back when he hard the chime, "Acknowledged" he called out to the darkness in response. He checked his wrist chrono, took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to get out of bed. Dawning a uniform, a few moments later he was on the bridge.

Main Bridge, USS Alliance

The cacophony of sound on the bridge had increased over the last 20 minutes, as the skeleton night shift was quickly bolstered by duty officers who had been woken from their racks, or recalled to duty from their free time. Teal and burgundy uniformed officers warmed consoles as they discussed the data that was being collected by the sensors. The gold-mustard uniformed officers continue to stand at their stations, stoically continuing their duties. On the opposite side of the turbo lift door, Captain Walker could spot the Vulcan slipstream operations officer concentrating intently on their console. At the tactical console, the same officer who received the distress call was now pulling together as much information together on the zombus system as they could.

Walker exited the turbolift, and made his way left, down the slight incline to the centre chairs. He stopped briefly to note that one of the mission operations bays that lined the port side of the bridge module, was completely dark, except for a single screen being used by a red headed officer in a dark grey uniform. "So, you've made yourself at home then, Erin?" he quipped to the Chief Intelligence Officer as he reached the centre of the Federation emblem stitched into the carpet.

"Yes, this is mine now..." she waved her hands and arms in an exaggerated manner over as much of the bay as her arm span would allow, "... all mine!"

The Captain chose not to respond, and promptly turned to face the busy crew, "Okay, I reviewed the distress call while I was in the sonic and getting ready, I understand," he paused briefly to throw a glance at the Helm Officer, "that we are on an intercept course. Speak to me people, what do we know!?"

As almost by magic on the noisy bridge, Doctor Lucas spoke up already seated to the left of the captains chair, "A ship full of popsicles, far as I can tell."

"Popsicles, Commander? Is that the technical term?" Walker walked forward and took up residence in the centre chair. "Any details?"

"Yeah, sorry, looking at the records of the it looks like the McCoy was carrying nothing more than a cargo hold of frozen Vulcans. Its a fairly standard medical transport procedure, as far as I can tell. A collection of decease or ill Vulcans, in cryosleep, to either be buried or defrosted for treatment upon arrival to their destination," replied the Doctor looking up from his PaDD to the CO with a pitched eyebrow.

"Sir, our estimated time of intercept in 10 hours at maximum cruising speed." The helmsman announced, "Slipstream velocities are not currently available".

The humdrum pulses of the power conduits were momentarily drowned out by a groan that the Captain let out, he raised his hand to his forehead and tapped it. He made a mental note to follow up with the Chief Engineer on why the ship was still unable to reach its top speed. He tilted his head towards the Executive Officer, "What are our options?"

Jacky considered this for a moment, rolling the term "Vulcan popsicles" around in her head for a moment. "What about the shuttles?" she asked, eyes swinging between the officers in her line of sight. "We have shuttles capable of slipstream velocity, as I understand it. Are they similarly affected by whatever is affecting the Alliance's slipstream capabilities?"

"No, no they're not Commander." The Captain mused, "It's our chroniton integrator that is out of sync, the shuttles have their own. From what the Chief Engineer reported, it will take them some hours to fix the Alliance's." He paused formulating a plan in his head, he shot another glance over to the Chief Intelligence Officer, "Erin, you're a qualified slipstream pilot, correct?"

The Chief Intelligence Officer raised her head from her console and nodded in response to the commanding officer's question, "Of course, it's a perfect way to covertly drop off an ass... ohhhh, I see where this is going."

"I'm glad you do," Rufus motioned with his hand to the Executive Officer, "Commander, I reckon one of our slipstream runabouts laden down with a hazard team and a small medical contingent could get to the McCoy in 30 minutes..."

The Vulcan slipstream operations officer interrupted Walker's flow, "22 minutes Captain."

"22 minutes, Commander." The Captain said matter of factly with a nod, "Take Commander Quinn as your pilot and whoever else you see fit."

Not skipping a beat, Dr. Lucas stood up and proclaimed to the bridge, "Ill go collect my things," there was a mild humor to his tone however the seriousness of the situation drained it away. "Ill collect a small team and meet you in the shuttle bay," he paused, looked at his wrist chrono and looked back to Commander Quinn, "Is 15 enough for you to complete preflight?"

Walker chuckled as the Doctor got up and rushed to the turbolift, "He's only onboard and he's already trying to get off the ship. I actually meant you Commander Wallace-Shaw," Walker crossed his legs, "While you rendezvous with the McCoy, I'm going to motivate the Chief Engineer, so we can catch up."

"Yes, Captain," Jacky agreed with a faint, wry smile. She hoped this wasn't a sign of a power struggle to come, but she would worry about that bridge when she got to it. She got to her feet. "I'll see to it." She looked at the intel officer. "Commander Quinn, I'll see you in the shuttlebay."


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