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Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 4:30pm by Ensign Eska & Medical / Sciences EMH Mark XI

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: Day 1 at 0245

Eska was sitting in one of the side offices, with the lights off. The EMH was active and was wondering around the area. She was slowly writing the Medical reports so far. She knew that she needed more time to write these reports then other officers. She sighed as she leaned back in the chair and pinched the bridge of her nose, as the light from the PaDD, which was set to a lower setting was still bothering her sensitive eyes.

The EMH pottered around the main sickbay, moving from bed to bed ensuring they were still perfectly calibrated. As she completed a 180 degree turn on her photonic feet, she caught a glimpse of the ships new Medical Officer sitting alone in the dark of one o the side offices. With an instantaneous thought, she disapparated from her position and reappeared at the edge of the young doctors desk.

"Ensign, you seem stressed. Should I prescribe you Alprazolam?" The EMH offered an unnatural smile, raising a finger in a haha motion.

The EMH's sudden appearance and statement cause Eska to react how any Novan would when surprised. The chair she was sitting in went flying at the Holographic doctor and she jumped into the corner of the room, reaching for her dagger, that wasn't on her hip. It took her a moment to realize that she wasn't being attacked, but addressed. "Sorry." She said lowly as she got into a more relaxed posture.

"You're clearly very anxious Doctor, maybe a conversation with the Counsellor might help. In the mean time, I'll process your prescription for some anti-anxiety medication." The hologram flicked her finger, and as if by magic the medical replicator outside the office whirred into life. "Processing. Do you feel you should remain on active standby?"

"I Novan. Scared Novan, means death. You appear, sudden, scare me." Eska stated slowly, but with a hint of her Novan accent and speech pattern. "I need not see Counselor. I no have anxiety. Annoyed I am. Writing reports, hurt eyes with 'ight. I no wrote fast as others do, need more time." She explained.

The hologram looked confused, flicking her finger again the medical replicator whizzed back into life and the perscription disappeared from existence. "My apologies Ensign, I'll have to get an engineer to check my diagnostic subroutines. I would note Ensign, that you're probably in the safest place you've ever been right now. There is no one to harm you here on the Alliance."

Eska sighed heavily as she shook her head and retrieved her chair. "All Novan are taught from birth to avoid predators." She said slowly. "We hear no noise before attack, we food for predator. You just appeared and spoke. I reacted how a Novan should, in self defense." Then she sighed again. "You need help from me?"

Before the Emergency Medical Hologram could respond, the ships comm system sounded and a nondescript officer could be heard speaking over the system, "Ensign Eska to Main Shuttlebay, Ensign Eska to Main Shuttlebay. Report for away team duties."

Eska sighed heavily. "Speak, again, lots later." She said heading for the door. Then she hit her combadge. "Way I am." She hissed out as the light hit her eyes. She slowly walked to the emergency medical kits and grabbed one and the mobile trauma kit also.


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