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Packing Light?

Posted on Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 @ 9:40am by Ensign Sebastian Tigris & Ensign Eska

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: U.S.S. Alliance
Timeline: Day 3 at 1430

"1139....1139...." muttered the young Trill as he gently tapped his fingers against the PADD in his hands as the Turbolift whirred to life, taking him to deck 11. When it arrived, he headed out, walking down the corridor, looking for his cabin.

Sebastian had just graduated the academy and though he had two cadet cruises under his belt, one on the Veritas where he served as a Counsellor and one on the Gallant as Science Officer, but here on the Alliance, he was on a flagship, not as a cadet but as a fully commissioned Ensign.

His grades at the academy had caught the attention of someone it seemed as he was being summoned to serve aboard this new and exciting ship.

The Trill, short-ish in stature, wore civilian clothes as he headed to his quarters for the first time to go unpack his things and put on that uniform for the very first time.

"1139, here we go.." he said as he found the door. "Ensign Tigris, registering for quarters 1139" he stated and the computer acknowledged him and allowed him inside. He stepped in and took a look around. He had expected a room to himself but there were 2 bedrooms and 4 beds in here and the belongings of two individuals.

"Huh, guess I'm sharing with folk, I suppose that's okay..." he muttered to himself as he headed to a bed that was empty and put his bag down on it, unpacking his belongings slowly. He took his uniform out of the bag and folded it neatly on the bed, before stripping off his clothes, standing only in his underwear as he prepared to finally don the uniform.

But then the door opened...

Eska had finished her shift in sickbay. Her head and eyes where hurting from the bright lights. She walked in the room and thought it was strange that the lights where on this bright. Then she figured her roommate had turned them up before leaving. She slipped off her medical coat before she spoke. "'Oo'ter, ights Novan." She stated as the lights in the room went completely out. She sighed in releaf as she headed for her bed. Then she stopped as the scent and sounds hit her. "There who?"

Sebastian froze as the lights went off and then he heard the voice. "I uh...hello? I'm Ensign Tigris? I here now?" he said in an awkward manner. "I didn't expect anyone back, I was just unpacking...are you sleeping now? I'll get dressed and go..." he said in a panic, trying to get himself dressed in the dark as quickly as he could manage.

"Light to 50%." Eska said slowly as the light sprang back up in power. She hissed in pain at the sudden brightness. "No sleep." She stated slowly and oddly. "I handle bright lights, well not." She said blinking rapidly and covering her eyes as if she was on a beach. She has the gray skin, with a darker gray around her lips, and silvery-gray hair, which she was dyed an Auburn color, and in need of another dye job.

The Trill turned to look at her, he had only managed to pull his uniform up to the knees so he felt pretty exposed standing now in his underwear. He quickly pulled his pants up, fastening them as he grabbed his shirt. "Oh I see, you're from Terra Nova right? I've always wanted to visit..I'll be careful with the lights in future, I can just use a flashlight." he said while pulling on his shirt.

"So, if not here to sleep, you just resting? Long shift? I'm just about to go report for duty myself, it's my first official day as an Officer today. I hear the Captain is nice and the Commander, how do you find it here?" he asked pleasantly.

"Off duty." Eska said going to the replicator. "I know not the Captain or Commander." She said slowly.

Sebastian nodded. "Oh...okay, I suppose we're all kinda new here, so maybe no staff meetings yet. So who's our third roomie?" he asked, fully dressed now as he headed to the replicator also. "Oooh whatcha ordering?" he asked.

"Digger." Eska said simply. "Zhev is third."

He nodded, not quite understanding. "Oh, okay, Zhev, gotcha. Well, I'm gonna go report to sickbay, I need my physical so I can be allowed to work. I'll catch up with you soon...what was your name again?" he asked.

"Eska." She said as a plate of odd grey meat appeared. "Want some?" She asked picking up the plate.

", you're good." he said politely. "Thanks though...I'll catch up with you soon Eska, have a nice break!" he said, leaving the quarters with a nod to his new room mate.


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