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Joint Duty Log - CMO & CNS - Lt Cmdr Lucas, MD & Ens Tigris - "No needles, please!"

Posted on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 9:15am by Ensign Sebastian Tigris & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 3 at 1530


After leaving his quarters, Sebastian whistled as he headed down the hallway to the Turbolift. He'd never been a fan of Doctors, always having a bit of a fear of needles, but he'd become a little less nervous since the surgery to give him his "little buddy" Tigris. That's what he called his Symbiont.

He patted his belly as he remembered that surgery. It had only been a few months but he felt like he was born this way. Their memories blending into one rather swiftly. He headed to Sickbay in the Turbolift. His first Starfleet physical awaited. Would it be needles and chemicals? Would it be jogging on a treadmill for fitness? Or old school, with the Doctor grabbing his junk and asking him to cough.

He had no idea what to expect as he turned the corner into Sickbay, finding the Doctor. He was a tall man, very fit by the looks of things, interestingly wearing glasses, not something you saw much these days. Sebastian coughed to get his attention.

"Uh, hey there, Ensign Tigris for my physical, Sir" he said confidently.

Dr. Benjamin Lucas looked down his nose at his PaDD of medical reports from the night shift having just shortly came on duty. He was leaning slightly on the nurse station when he hard small cough from behind. Turning to see the spotted temple Trill male reporting for his physical.

"Ah," he paused thinking running through the list of crew in his head, "Tigris, Trill, recently joined, recent graduate, Ensign. Well welcome aboard, and welcome to everyone's favorite, Sickbay. I know, its a lot to take in, our department is quite impressive," he said with a cunning smile trying to be warm.

Sebastian chuckled in response. "Yeah, looks it, Sir, but then again with a ship like this, everything seems impressive." he said with a smile. "I've not seen much of it yet though, gotta get cleared for duty first and I guess that's why I'm here." he said, walking closer to the Doctor, waiting for instruction. "So how does this whole physical work?" he asked.

"Fairly painless," replied Dr. Lucas he gestured for the Ensign to Biobed 3, to the left of the nurse station. "Just a few biopsies, a pint or three of blood collected for an analysis, probably should sadate you so we can crack open the chest cavity, just to be safe."

The colour drained from the young Ensign's face.

"Of course I am kidding," he said with a chuckle as the Ensign sat on the bed. Ben's hands began to dance over the terminal as he started running the necessary scans. "So tell me about your time at the academy, is Dr. Mccann still teaching Holo-Neuroimaging?"

"Phew" he exclaimed with a start as he hopped up onto the biobed. "Uh yeah I think so" he said, trying to recall. "Though I think he's retiring soon, settling down on Risa" he nodded.

"Wow, he was old back in my day," replied not taking his eyes off the terminal. "So, serious doctor question: How long have you been joined with your symbiont?" he kept his eyes on the terminal running his scans. He could look it up, or he could keep the uneasy Ensign talking.

He thought to himself. "About 3 months" he said. "Just getting to grips with it really, I was lucky enough to finish the academy first, so I knew I'd achieved my degree on my own, without the help of previous hosts."

"Any recent nauseousness, motion sickness, shortness of breath?" asked Dr. Lucas zipping between diagnostic screens.

He thought a moment. "No, nothing I can think of, I mean a little anxious to be here I suppose..." he said with a chuckle. "I never really know what to expect when I see a Doctor."

"And I never know what to expect when I see a patient," he said with a warm smile looking down at the Ensign. "Anxiety is to be expected, on account of many fronts for you these days. I am noticing-" he trailed off crunching his brow looking at the terminal.

The colour drained from the young Ensign's face. "You're noticing what? What is it? Is it the Symbiont?"

His train of thought was broken by the pipe up of the Ensign. "Oh, no no. Its nothing to be worried about. Your B12 levels are a tad low but-" he shifted to the medical record of Ensign Sebastian Tigris, "-but its nothing that hasn't been caught in the past. How often had your pervious physicians recommended you supplementing your diet to accommodate the low level? We can do a hypospray fairly regularly, or I can even call up the Pharmacy replicator and fashion the dosage in pill form if you so choose?"

Tigris relaxed immediately. "Phew...I was worried for a second there. Uh, the pills would save me coming back here all the time, I can just take them with food." he said with a nod.

Without saying a word the Doctor sent the order to the replicator in the corner, with a slight shimmer and a sounds like far off wind chimes a glass bottle of small, oval pinkish pills appeared. By the time the replication had finished Lucas had crossed the space to pick up the bottle. "Cobalamin, or B12, take one dosage per day, you should be all set with these for a while."

He handed the bottle to the Ensign, "And other than that, you seem to have a clean bill of health. Again, if you have any discomfort, or any motion sickness, come check in with me," finished Dr. Lucas, picking up his personal PaDD.

Sebastian hopped up from the biobed and nodded in response. "Excellent, thanks very much for your time Doctor, you have a wonderful day won't you?" he said, politely as he headed towards the exit, ready to start his day.

With a nod of his head, the young doctor watched the Ensign head out of Sickbay. He turned and headed for his office to pour over the awaiting medical reports.


Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Alliance, NCC-82619


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