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Joint Duty Log - CO & CSOO - Col. Keyes & Lt. Cmdr. Lucas MD

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2020 @ 7:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD & Colonel Tobias Keyes
Edited on on Wed Apr 1st, 2020 @ 1:42am

Mission: Episode 0
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

=*=Commanding Officer's Office=*=

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas had spent the last few days hopping between transporters, transports and tight quarters making his way from Outpost 810, "Hurley Station", to Starbase Horizon for his new assignment. He spent the night on the Starbase so he made his way over to his new 'home', the USS Eli. He overlooked the ship out a window into the vacuum of the shipyards, the ship might not look like much, but he knew the specs of this particular vessel, and it had a fair amount of 'fight under the hood'. Walking up the gangway, after a few hundred lightyears of travel he stepped onto the Eli for the first time, and a few moments later he stood outside of the Commanding Officers office, Col. Tobias Keyes. He took a moment to adjust his uniform and shift the weight of his leather messenger bag before hitting the chime to the office.

"Enter!" bellowed Keyes, dropping the PADD in his hands, on top of yet another growing pile. He was starting to feel like his job was being taken over by paper work.

As the door slid open to reveal his guest, his eye was immediately drawn to the teal undershirt, and shiny golden pips on the collar. 'Ah, my first fleetie' he thought to himself. As the stranger stepped into the room, he raised to greet him with a handshake.

"Teal Uniform. Lieutenant Commander pips. You must be the new 'See-Soo', Commander Lucas, ammiright?"

"Yessir," replied Ben crossing the room to shake the standing mans hand. "Lieutenant Commander, Dr. Benjamin Lucas, sir," he said giving the man a firm handshake. "Chief Science Operations Officer, or 'See-Soo', as I am sure I will become fondly known as aboard this vessel," he said with a cunning smirk. He took a PaDD out of his shoulder bag and handed it towards man behind the desk, "Reporting for duty, Colonel." The last part of the run-on sentence added some finality to the statement.

"Welcome onboard. I have to say..." Keyes motioned for the Doctor to take a seat, "we've not had a joint Medical and Science officer onboard before. We've been relying on Beth for any medical help, and the sciences hasn't really been a priority for the Eli up until now."

"I am sure with the change in the landscape out here these days," he started taking his seat. "Fleet is looking for more 'involved' positions on smaller vessels such as this. See-Soos are not uncommon, just not very common. Most places can afford the personnel, or have the space to accommodate breaking the positions out, but on smaller vessels, or stations, it is becoming a more popular option. I was See-Soo of Outpost 810 when I got the message from Fleet they were looking to fill this position. Something a little bit more involved, little bit more fast paced. And being heavily qualified and cross trained helps, I am sure," said Ben with a slight shrug.

"Fleet indeed. Have you served on a Marine vessel before Doctor? We're typically a little more suited and booted than our naval counterparts, but you'll definitely get fast paced and 'involved' on the Eli. This is a warship after all." Keyes double tapped his fingers, as if checking in a poker game, on the desk, before continuing

"We've never had a mixed crew on this ship before, so don't be surprised if you get a mixed reaction from your colleagues. You'll find Marines will be a lot more perceptive of your rank. You're certainly the highest ranking Naval officer on board, and one of a total of 10 officers onboard. They'll stand aside for you in the corridor, await for you to pass. Outside of a combat situation or normal business as usual, they won't speak until you speak to them. I hope you'll be able to handle that level of formality." Keyes eyebrows peaked as he finished the sentence.

"Of course," replied Ben in a 'that is to be expected' type of tone. "I have served with Marines, in the past. Detachments mostly, short term, but not unfamiliar with the sense of tradition and formality. I've found that level of formality tends to follow me as a medical professional, more than anything else. I will do my best to be perceptive of these behaviors."

"Well then, you'll fit in just fine. My adjutant Private First Class Wilkinson, will show you to your cabin. This is a very small ship, Doctor, so you'll find that your quarters are situated relatively close to everything. If there's nothing else, I'll see you for duty call at oh-five-hundred in the morning." As if it had been scripted, the office door slid open with perfect timing, the Private standing waiting for the Doctor. Keyes rose from his seat, and offered a farewell handshake to the new officer, "Again, Welcome onboard."

"Glad to be welcomed, sir" he replied standing and shaking the mans hand. He turned and followed the Private into the corridor. As the doors to the CO's office closed, Ben spoke up to the Private, "Actually, if you could point me in the direction of my office, I can see myself from here." Its time to get to work, brave new worlds, bold new frontiers and the like.


Colonel Tobias Keyes
Commanding Officer
USS Eli - NCC 75135


Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas, MD
Chief Science Operations Officer
USS Eli - NCC 75135


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