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SD242004.07 | PLOT LOG | 'Mugged'

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 10:14pm by Colonel Tobias Keyes

Mission: USS Eli Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: FRS St. Vincent De Paul, Azurean Corridor
Timeline: Mission Day 1


--- Starfleet Medical, Situation Report as at 242004.01

Ilyamix II, an Imperial Romulan Colony, has been suffering from a severe outbreak of ‘TVAN-BBV-24’. This is a new strain of the previously controlled ‘Terot’hka’ virus. Reports state that most O2 processing species are unaffected by ‘Terot’hka’, however it is especially contagious amongst Vulcans and Romulans, due to the nature of their shared cardiovascular system. The virus binds to the copper elements within their blood stream, reducing the levels of Oxygen carried to the vital organs. This results in an overworked heart organ and left untreated would lead to multiple organ failure.

While most confirmed cases eventually recover after prolonged medical care, around 17% of cases are lethal, especially amongst younger patients with weaker/less developed cardiovascular systems.

It is believed that there is widespread community transmission within the Colony.

--- End Situation Report.


Federation Red Star Starship St. Vincent De Paul
Registry: CS 2404/1581 Wallenberg Class Relief Vessel

Mission: Disaster Relief
Status: Enroute to Imperial Romulan Colony, Iiyamix II.
Cargo: Field Hospital Module Components, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Field Replicators etc.

Following the Hobus supernova, the split in the Romulan Empire and the lack of resources that came with it, the Colony on Iiymax II had received very little in the way of support from the Romulan Senate.

On request from the local regional government, the Federation’s Red Star has dispatched a number of vessels to assist with fighting an outbreak of Tetrot’hka virus and to provide technical assistance in rebuilding the Colony’s infrastructure.

The Wallenberg class ships themselves were fairly small, probably no bigger than Defiant class, but when ‘hooked up’ to a train of cargo pods, an individual ship was on average the same length as a Sovereign class starship. In this instance, the St. Vincent De Paul, was approximately the length of an Intrepid Class.

Internally, the ships were surprisingly comfortable. Obviously, the designers felt that given the crews of these ships tended to throw themselves into all kinds of terrible situations to assist others, that they deserved some luxuries.

The bridge, while plush with comfortable chairs and soft carpeted floors, was spartan, with only the most necessary of consoles. In the centre sat a sole Chair for the ships Captain. For this mission, Lt. Commander Paul Hill was the occupant.

Paul tapped the side of his console, and began to speak;

“Mission Commander’s Log. The De Paul is 5 weeks into its journey from Sol 3 to Iiyamix 2. We’ve been in the Azurean Corridor for 5 days now and it has been uneventful, with the exception of 2 day detour to avoid a localised solar storm. As a result we are proceeding to our final destination without making our scheduled layover at Starbase Horizon. Current course is running in edge with the lower portion of the Romulan border. We intend to cross over the border to access the Iiyamix system in the next 48 hours, we are just awaiting arrival of a Romul –“

Hill was interrupted by an explosion from the back of the bridge, and the ship rocking with such violence to almost eject him from his seat. He stood from the chair and stumbled down to the control and operations consoles at the front of the bridge.

“What the hell was that? Report!” he demanded from anyone listening.

“We’re under attack from two Fergengi Marauders, bearing one six five, mark two seven zero. They’re coming around for another pass!” shouted the Tactical officer, the bridge exploding again as another volley of weapons struck the hull.

“What the hell are they doing? Didn’t they see the big red star on the side of the ship? Tactical, return fire. Helm, jettison the cargo modules and evasive manoeuvres.” Hill, between impacts on the ships hull, scrambled back to the centre chair, gripping onto the display on the left hand side of display.

A sudden, unsettling calmness fell over the ship, the rocking from weapons impacts ceasing. The Tactical officer, slightly in shock as to what had just happened, turned in her seat to face the CO. “Sir, the first volley from the Ferengi ships sheered off the cargo train and our port nacelle. They’ve tractor-ed the pods into their cargo holds and have entered warp. They’re gone sir.”

“We’ve just been fucking mugged.” Hill said quietly before slamming his clenched fist down onto the side console in anger.

With his free hand he tapped the console on his other side, accessing the communication system.

“This is the Federation Red Star Ship, Saint Vincent De Paul to Starbase Horizon. Mayday. I repeat. Mayday. We have been attacked by two Fergengi Marauders and are in need of assistance. This is the Federation Red Star ship, Saint Vincent De Paul to Starbase Horizon. Mayday. I repeat. Mayday. We have marooned without propulsion. Send assistance."

-- End Log


NB: At this point the crew have not yet been informed that they will be responding to this incident. Follow up log will contain mission briefing.

CO/XO: Notification from Command.
Engineering: Ensure Warp Core is alive and kicking following a refit.
Medical: Get settled in - introduce yourself to the EMH (a playable NPC)
Helm: Arrival
TacSec: Arrival
Marines: Is the full unit onboard and ready to go?


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