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Mission Briefing

Posted on Thu Jun 4th, 2020 @ 10:25pm by Colonel Tobias Keyes & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD & Captain Yadira Tristan & Lieutenant Commander Erin Quinn

Mission: USS Eli Episode 1: Border Patrol
Location: Operations Centre, Main Bridge, USS Eli
Timeline: Mission Day 1

[Operations Centre, Aft of Main Bridge, USS Eli]

“=/\=This is the Federation Red Star Ship, Saint Vincent De Paul to Starbase Horizon. Mayday. I repeat. Mayday. We have been attacked by two Fergengi Marauders and are in need of assistance. This is the Federation Red Star ship, Saint Vincent De Paul to Starbase Horizon. Mayday. I repeat. Mayday. We have been marooned without propulsion. Send assistance."

The message had repeated a number of times, with each repetition the crackle from the speakers cleared as Major Quinn filtered out the different layers of distortion.

The USS Eli’s newly minted senior staff had assembled at the rear of the submarine like bridge, in what had become known as the ‘Operations Centre’. The designers of the bridge had separated it, by recessing it back from the main area in an enlarged alcove. The small space was highly functional, with a number of floor to ceiling displays around the walls. In the middle, a pool table style console also projected data from its surface. In this case, a steady stream of information was being produced, showing the particulars of the FRS Saint Vincent De Paul.

The Colonel stood with this back to the main bridge, facing into the alcove. To his left stood the ship’s new Executive Officer, Colonel Stone, to her left the Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Strider, the combined Science and Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas, to this left Chief Engineer, Captain Yadira Tristan, then Mission Adviser, Major Quinn, and to her left the Marine CO, Captain Lehn Aarvon, and completing the oblong gathering, back to the Commanding Officer, was the Chief Conn Officer, Ensign O’Driscoll.

Keyes placed his hands flat on the surface of the middle console, causing a rippling effect through the holographic display as his hands travel down to meet the obsidian black surface. “Well Major, this doesn’t sound too good.” Keyes stated bluntly.

The Mission Advisor tugged a loose red hair back behind her ear and nodded, “No Sir. At twenty two, forty one hours, ship’s standard time, we received a distress call from the F.R.S St. Vincent De Paul. It’s a relief vessel Sir, enroute to assist with an outbreak of Terot’hka virus on a Romulan colony.”

"Terot'hka? Not something you'd want to catch. Typically iron blood based species are most always unaffected, however copper based blood species? In a sense it binds the platelets, thickens the blood and over taxes internal organs to move the oxygen carried through the blood. With a tendency to effect copper based bloods, we are chiefly talking about this effecting Vulcans and Romulans," he paused and looked around at his fellow officers. "I've read fatality rates around 2%, but that figure comes from Romulan Health Service. Vulcan Medical Institute says closer to 20%, I would count on that being closer to the truth."

Having come up via the medical path and still holding a medical doctorate, Sydney was able to add, "Word through the medical community that I've been hearing suggests this may be a particularly virulent strain. Uncomfirmed as yet, but if that's true, rates could be even higher."

Yadira's head came around fast. 'Extremely virulerent?', she thought to herself...

“Alright, alright. It’s nasty. But that’s not what we’re here for. The SVP’s report states that they’ve been attacked by not one, but two Ferengi Marauders. What do we know about Ferengi operations in the Corridor?” The Colonel pointed to the Chief Tactical Officer for his expert knowledge.

The chief of tactical looked a bit perplexed when he replied, "Honestly, sir, Starfleet hasn't had any knowledge of Ferengi activity in the Azurean Corridor...until now, at least." He paused. "Initial scans are confirming that it was them, though."

“You’d think given their trading relationship with the Federation of late, it would be unlikely they’d attack a Starfleet ship. Tactical, keep an eye out for anything unusual.” With a point of the finger at the Chief Engineer, the Colonel turned his attention to the ships engine. “Captain Yadira, how’s the new engine settling in?”

"Augusfratt, bloody hell, this is not good but it will have to do till I can figure out how to fix it. Captain I got good news and bad news. The good news is we have warp, however, the bad news is I can't give you better tgan warp 6. Right now I have no idea how or why I can't get her over warp 6.....," Yadira said shaking her head. "Damn it!!"

Sydney's brow arched slightly at the chief engineer. "Calm yourself, Captain," she said levelly. As a woman who had worked hard to control her outward displays of emotions, the doctor-turned-exec had less patience for those who didn't. "Keep working to find the source of the issue. What's the status of the rest of the ship?"

"As for the rest of the ship, she is good to go", Yadira said still pissed with the engine problem.

The commanding officer tapped a control, deactivating the Operations Centre pool table console. “Tactical, begin scans for our Ferengi friends, let’s see if we might be able to intercept on route. The starship’s Job and Vico will also be departing from Versailles to assist in the search.”

“Colonel,” Keyes left the operations centre area and made his way to the central chair, “see what help you can offer the Chief Engineer to get us moving faster than an old Oberth class. Doctor, in the off chance that we don’t catch the culprits, round up whatever medical supplies we have to replace the ones from the St. Vincent De Paul.”

“Okay, Let’s get underway. Helm lay in a course for the last known position of the USS St. Vincent De Paul.” Keyes placed his hand on the left hand command console, the biometrics scanner releasing the command lockouts. The ships command functions came to live as sat down in the centre chair. “Engage.”


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