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One Step at a Time

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 10:26pm by Captain Rufus Walker & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Chroniton Integrator, Section Five Forward
Timeline: Day 1 at 0330

The Assistant Chief Engineer, Lt Daniel Rimkin, leaned his shoulder to the bulkhead, hands clasped fingers intertwined as he awaited the arrival of whichever 'lower decks' would be sent to assist him. He let out a very loud and dry sniff from his nose, to signal to anyone else in the immediate area at his displeasure of having been pulled from his rack in the middle of the night for this assignment. His uniform clasps barely aligned and closing, he looked as if he'd been dragged down the corridor by his feet.

Zihisa finally arrived and seeing the dishelved officer, shaking her head and sighing never understanding the lack respect for the uniform that some officers had, "ensign Zatyl reporting as ordered."

"Okay Ensign," he glanced the half-cardassian up and down, rolling his tongue over his teeth and letting out an unpleasant sound from his mouth as his tongue left his teeth, and the saliva popped. "You're the new Damage Ops specialist, right? Have you even been in a chroniton integrator before?"

The repair job on the chroniton integrator normally would have waited until the ship had arrived at Starbase Versailles, but given the distress call that the ship had just received, the Chief Engineer has decided it couldn't wait. If the USS Alliance could jump to slipstream, than they could save the crew of the USS Leonard McCoy, that much faster.

The Engineer button his uniform correctly, and creaked his neck from side to side, "Did you bring the temporal sequencer as requested?"

"Yes," the Cardassian hybrid said holding up the box, "....and yes I am the new damage control specialist, and no I have not been in the chroniton integrator before," she said simply.

"Straight and to the point Ensign, I like it." He tapped the control panel on the door and the doors to the integrator slid open, "when you step inside, things are going to get a bit trippy. You might see things before they happen, or an echo of what has happened. Really, wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff can be a bit psychedelic. Let's get in, take the housing off the integrator and bring it back into sync. Understand?"

What did one say to that statement, {sure, I'll be able to see a few seconds of the past and future, while remaining in the present, yeah that is normal,} she thought shaking her head, "I understand, in and out, let's just get this over with,' Zihisa said simply.

As they stepped into the room, there was an immediate and very visible time-echo effect. As Rimkin and Zatly moved through the chamber, a shadowy duplicate of them moved just in front of them, pre-empting their every move. "What you're seining Ensign is 0.20 seconds into the future. The chroniton integrator, using chroniton sensors, reads the slipstream ahead of the ship. Thats then relayed back to the bridge, and they can make pre-time corrections to the Quantum Field focuser. Stops us dropping out of slipstream and being ripped to shreds."

Rimkin raised his arm to point to a panel on the far side of the chamber, where the sleek angling of the Alliance's outer hull was mirrored inside. Before we could fully complete the motion, his time displaced duplicated had already extended their arm fully. "We'll find the sequencing controls behind that panel."

He was right it was trippy, like extremely trippy duplicates of all movement, even with voices. Zihisa had to close her eyes, collect her breathing before opening them again, and nodded as she did that she appeared to have five to six different heads as she helped him remove the panel.


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