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The Away Mission: Setting Out

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2021 @ 7:10pm by Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD & Lieutenant Commander Erin Quinn

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Timeline: Day 2 at 0250

Being a first officer continued to be a...remarkable experience when compared to her many more years prior as a counselor. Moving from the one to the other was not a common path, but it was one she had chosen to take. Jacky did not regret the choice at all, but it didn't stop her from seeing and feeling the differences at different times. Priorities had to adjust, as did perspectives. Since she had spent less time as the one than the other, she was still making some of those adjustments...

...but she was getting there.

This was on her mind, in particular, as she walked into the shuttlebay. The team would be gathering here to board one of the slipstream shuttles and head off to learn what was going on with the Vulcan vessel. That part was was a little unnerving, what they knew so far, but she didn't think about that just yet. As such, she focused on what was about to happen and her part in it. She reached the bay and waited for the others, who filed in shortly after she arrived.

Dr. Lucas had a fine looking shoulder bag of equipment slung on his shoulder as he entered the shuttlebay. "Commander," he said with a nod.

Jacky offered a polite smile to the CMO and then checked around. It seemed that everyone had arrived except their pilot...

"Sorry, sorry. Just wanted to make sure we had the most uptodate information" The Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt Commander Erin Quinn jogged through the main entrance of the shuttle bay and up the ramp into the slipstream shuttle, PADD in hand. Another Medical officer, and two Security Officers followed her onboard rounding out the group.

"Commander, Doc," she greeted each officer as she passed them. "Ma'am, my apologies for holding us up. Slip Ops wanted to ensure we had the most accurate route." Erin nodded to the Executive Officer and made her way to the pilots seat. The console came to life as she approached it, the system recognising her login details from her com badge.

"It should be a short hop and a skip to intercept." She sat the console and began the pre-flight sequence.

Once the rest of the team was present, Jacky made sure that everyone was boarded onto the shuttle before turning to address the team. "At oh-two-hundred, we received a distress signal from the USS McCoy. According to their manifest, they are a medical transport--" She stated this since no one would figure that out from the name, clearly. "--with a cargo full of Vulcans in cryo-stasis, en route to Vulcan.

"We are unclear at this time as to what, precisely, happened. We know that the ship is caught in a decaying orbit and that something happened that made the crew evacuate. Some are presumed dead and the remaining senior staff is sequestered away, unable to reach the engine room. Whatever issues they are having, something seems related to their cargo but we don't know it what way.

"Any questions so far?"

"Not a question Ma'am, but I took the liberty of pulling up intelligence reports on the Leonard McCoy and the Zombus system as the reports came in." Erin spun her chair to face the Executive Officer, "S.F.I has a number of reports on record of ships going 'missing' in the Zombus system, to the point that Federation Travel Advisory advises that ships avoid the system."

Jacky smiled wryly. "A luxury that we are presently not granted with accepting."

"As for the Vulcans onboard, reports indicate that they are in bio-stasis due to a rare neurological disorder that requires treatment. Bendii syndrome." Quinn shrugged her shoulders not knowing any specific details on the syndrome, she returned to the console and with a few taps the shuttles engines could be heard powering up.

"Commander Lucas, are you familiar with Bendii Syndrome?" Jacky asked the CMO.

"Bendii Syndrome is a degenerative neurological illness symptomized by bursts of emotion, irrational anger and eventual loss of emotional control," he replied in a almost sing song tone, as if they had asked the computer to provide the information. "Joys of xenovirology at the academy, professor had the highest expectations of anyone I had. Made sure the information was drilled into us. If this is the case, Bendii that is, we should be careful, in certain situations a side effect can be telepathically projected on the part of the Vulcan, can cause outbursts of emotion in non-Vulcans. There have been some developments in recent years of a hypospray to try to help suppress some of those effects on non-Vulcans, but the efficacy is fairly low. It stocks the non-Vulcans brain with excess dopamine and a cocktail of a few other things, but in lab settings with the subject on an electroencephalogram researches have noticed-" Lucas paused, and looked around the room everyone looking at him, eyes slightly glazed over. "On second thought, if anyone is interested in that research article, I can forward it along." He looked back to the XO.

"So long as it's short enough for us to have time to read it while in flight," Jacky said. "Alright, everyone. Settle in. We should get going."

With a nod, Quinn returned her chair to the forward position, with a clear view of the shuttlebay and open space ahead, she tapped a button on the console in front of her, engaging the vessels thrusters, lifting it from the decking. Within seconds, the shuttle had slipped out of the bay and in a smooth action dipped below its parent vessels nacelles, gathering speed as the two grew further apart. Back in the pilots chair, Quinn grinned as she spoke,

"Slipstream velocity in, 4 - 3 - 2 -" without having to finish her countdown the shuttles interior was bathed in the blue/green glow of the slipstream vortex, and the shuttle was enroute at unfathomable speeds towards the USS Leonard McCoy.


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