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Gravity is Great...Until it's Gone.

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2021 @ 9:09am by Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Crewman Apprentice Maggie Mie & Ensign Sebastian Tigris

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Deck 10
Timeline: Day 2 at 1300

It had been a busy day or so for the young Ensign as he had become acclimatized to being aboard the Alliance, meeting his crewmates, and getting to know the ship. He had barely slept the night before out of nerves and excitement for the day ahead but had drifted off to sleep an hour or two ago in his quarters. It was the first time he'd been in the room long enough on his own. No snoring, no strange need for poor lighting, just alone time.

It wasn't mean to be tough.

His communicator beeped and on the third call he sat up.

"Lights," he said and the lights in his room went up to 30%. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, responding to the calls on his comm badge. It turned out there had been an accident on deck 10 and the Chief Science Officer was stuck in a lab with no artificial gravity.

For a moment, the young Ensign chuckled, imagining the floating scientists and finding the image amusing, but he soon shook off such images and got to his feet, knowing this was a serious concern. He got himself dressed in mag boots on ready to head to deck 10.

Tigris walked down the corridor whistling a tune to himself as he came across a couple of the other crew members. One of which was Ensign Zatyl and the other he didn't recognize.

"Oh uh hey, Ensign Zatyl right? Sorry, I'm late. I'm Ensign Tigris, Ship's Counsellor, and Science Officer, what's the situation so far?" he asked, trying to get up to speed.

Maggie just looked at the ensign, "...." she opened her mouth but closed it quickly.

The Cardassian hybrid just stared at the ensign, "....your chief is stuck in the lab, no artificial gravity and doors and communication are down, we are attempting to get the door open," she said with a growl not thrilled with how this ship was being run, it was not a Cardassian ship for sure.

Tigris nodded and headed to the nearby console, logging into the science station remotely.

"I'll try and re-establish gravity then, while you work on the door mechanics. Do we know how long this has been going on? Do they have adequate life support?" he asked, ignoring the hostile behavior of Zatyl.

Zihisa growled, "I don't have answers to any of those questions, and please leave the repairs to me, I need you to figure out what experiment they were working on, so when we do get the doors open we know what we are walking into," Zihisa said simply, "...also don't bother trying to access anything remotely we are locked out, hence why we can't just turn the gravity on from out here," she added.

Tigris blinked, noting the Ensign's snappish attitude toward him, and shook it off. "Right, I'll get on that. Repairs are all yours then, I'll check the logs to see what I can find out," he said, tapping into the system at the console he was at.

"Crewmen report," the ensign barked walking back to what she was doing. "Can we access the artificial gravity from out here for that room?"

"No, whatever they were doing or did knock us out of the system, the door, on the other hand, we still have access, but they somehow fried everything. I am gonna need time to re-wire everything," Maggie said with a sigh.

"Okay," Zihisa growled, she hated scientists but now she really despised them. "Ensign, you better have some information for me?" She continued to growl.

Tigris sighed at hearing the growling ensign but responded, reading from the console. "It seems that they were running an experiment to see if they could increase or decrease the gravity controls in quarters onboard, for guests who may be from other worlds with different polarity to ours" he replied, knowing he was likely going to be shouted at again.

"...alright I think I have the doors," Maggie called out looking up, as she finished adjusting some of the iso-chips, "looks like whatever they did fried iso-chips as well," she added as Zihisa walked over.

"Okay get the doors open, and you get the scientists out, make sure they are not hurt, and remember as we move them out of the lab and out here gravity well come back, so make sure they are touching the ground as best they can," Zihisa said still shaking her head.

Tigris called over. "Looks as if it's working, the doors are opening and it seems like the correct artificial gravity is returning. Good job" he said as he entered a few checks into the console.

“Okay, once they are out ensign get them down to the infirmary, they all need to be checked out,” Zihisa said looking back at Maggie, “crewmen override the doors so that they can’t close, we have quite a bit of work to do,” the Cardassian said with a sly smirk.

Sebastian did as he was told and as the doors opened, he helped the crew out of the room and guided them to the Turbolift. "Come on everyone, we'll get you to sickbay," he said, before tapping his communicator. "Sickbay, this is Ensign Tigris, incoming patients with potential gravity sickness" and the turbo lift headed off to Sickbay leaving Zihisa and Maggie to their work.

Zihisa let out one last growl, but It really was a sigh of relief that whatever he was gone.


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