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The Tribe & The McCoy

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 9:49am by Captain Rufus Walker & Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Zombus System
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

As beings of pure thought they were for all intents and purposes immortal. Not one of their people had died in uncounted thousands of years. Having long shed their corporeal forms, the Tribe had traversed space as pure thought and energy exploring the galaxy and observing its many inhabitants.

On one fateful visit to this particular solar system, they’d made the untimely mistake of visiting while the dwarf star entered an expansion phase. Swept up in the expanding corona, the tribe found themselves damaged and anchored to the stars gravity well.

It had been so long that the Tribe had forgotten who they were, their memories and identities fading away detail by detail. Every revolution of the Zombus star stripping away another layer of their history. Had it been centuries? ...longer. A milenia? They’d become desperate whispers of their former selves, enraged at their inability to escape the suns gravity well, their baser instincts taking over forcing themselves to escape at any cost.

Revolution after revolution, orbiting the star against their will. Slowly going insane.

The tribe waited.

USS Leonard McCoy
Bridge, Deck 1

The Federation Travel Advisory had long discouraged ships from traversing the Zombus system due to the historically high rate of attrition.

Over the years, stories had been told, and retold, and shared across the stars. Starships that strayed too close, found themselves without power, and quickly sucked into the suns gravity well. Like the Bermuda Triangle of Earth, a wise pilot knew to avoid this system. The brave, foolish, impatient pilot or pilot looking for a shortcut across the sector, found themselves trapped, unable to escape and slowly but surely they’d sink further and further into the corona, eventually vaporised into the aether.

Ensign Bellamy, the newly graduated and relatively cocky helmsman of the USS Leonard McCoy fitted into the brave or foolish category. Convincing himself that he could get the McCoy to Vulcan in record time, he’d replotted the course, taking the ship within skimming distance of the Zombus system. After all, the quicker the five Vulcan patients in the ships isolation ward returned home, the quicker they could be cured. He was convinced he'd get a promotion. It was smooth sailing...

With a shudder, the medical frigate stuttered, the power systems across the ship blinking out in an instant. With power gone to the nacelles, the ships warp bubble collapsed, and suddenly the Leonard McCoy was in an uncontrolled free fall towards the star system below. The gravity of the Zombus star capturing the ship in it's grasp.

Once the emergency lights activated, and the inertial dampners kicked in, Rooney raised from the centre chair and approached the helms console, "What the hell is going on?"

Cryogenic Isolation, Sickbay, Deck 7

The young Medical Officer, Lt Sonya Levin had been monitoring the patients in cryogenic isolation on her own. She grasped for a surface to hold onto as the ship jolted and shared. The inertial dampeners, with their own back power supply, were clearly strained to capacity and as Levin could feel the effects of the ships tail spin on her inner core. The entirety of the sickbay fell into pitch black darkness. In the holo-novels the darkness always crept in, but in reality it occurred in a flash, she mused to herself between thoughts on what to do next.

As the USS Leonard McCoy's, an ailing Excelsior Class starship now turned Medical Frigate, emergency power kicked in, the low darkness of the room was replaced by very low directional lighting.

3 Hours Laters

Main Bridge, Deck 1

Rooney stumbled forward, exhausted from the hours of attempting to regain control of his ship. 200 crew members had made it to the escape pods, but that left at least another 75 infested with the beings.

Reaching the operations panel at the front of the bridge, he weakly tapped at the console attempting to activate the emergency communications system. With a blip from the console's speaker he began his broadcast.

“This is Commander Rooney of the USS Leonard McCoy,” the haggard looking Starfleet Officer grimaced as the lights behind him on the bridge flickered, “We’re adrift in the Zombus system, the ship has dropped into a decaying orbit of the star. Our cargo…” fear spread across the Commander’s face.

“… Our cargo has broken free of containment. The majority of the crew have escaped in pods, the unlucky ones didn't make it. The Senior staff and I are now trapped in the bridge module, with no route to the engine core.” An intermittent power fluctuation brought the bridge into darkness momentarily the power draining he increased his speed, “We need assistance. Send hel-“ the bridge went black, and the USS Leonard McCoy finally succumbed to the infestation below decks.


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