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Spooling Up

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 9:52am by Captain Rufus Walker & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Lieutenant Daniel Rimkin

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Timeline: Day 2 at 0700

The Away Team had left for the Zombus system some hours earlier, and the Captain had grown increasingly frustrated that his brand new ship, launched only days earlier from Earth Spacedock, had not been able to engage its state of the art engine and catch up.

Having finally given up on getting an update over the comm from the Chief Engineer, he'd taken it upon himself to go to Engineering and discover what was holding up the activation of the slipstream drive.

The turbo-lift doors opened onto Deck 16 and the Captain strode down the corridor at pace towards Main Engineering.

Main Engineering

Between disgruntled groans and sighs, Lieutenant Rimkin shook his head from side to side. He pulled the integrated chair out from under the Master Systems pool table and took a seat, tapping furiously at the console, "Why won't it sync?!"

Not 3 hours earlier had he and Zatyl successfully installed the new chroniton integrator, but for some reason the device had failed to sync with the Alliance's navigational computer, looking up from the console he glanced over at Zatyl, "I thought these things were supposed to be plug and play?" he jested.

Just as Rimkin finished his sentence, the Captain strode up to the edge of the pool table, placing his hands flat on the table, leaning forward with a frustrated look across his face.

"Rimkin, Zatyl," the Captain growled lowly, "I'm getting frustrated that we are not able to jump to Slipstream. Was this system not supposed to be tested prior to our departure from Spacedock?"

Zihisa heard her name as she walked into engineering, after dealing with something, "...captain, lieutenant," she said somehow still in a soft growl, but truth was that was Zihisa.

Rimkin shot up from his seat to stand at very rigid attention, "Sir. We've installed the new integrator, but I'm having trouble syncing it up with our quantum field focuser. The computer isn't even reading that it is connected"

The Captain let out a loud breath via his nostrils, they flared slightly as the air passed from his lungs into the open space. Walker rounded the edge of the table to take up a position beside the young Ensign. "What are your thoughts Ensign?" he inquired.

Zihisa looked between the captain and the chief, before walking over to a console and pulled something up, "this is why it is not working, your chief here is not as thorough as he thinks he is," ZIhisa said simply again that low growl always being there.

Rimkin grimaced, as the Ensigns actions opened a port on the ODN network and the chroniton immediately engaged. He tapped the console, and glanced back up to the Commanding Officer. "Spooling up Captain. We'll be slipstream capable in 20 minutes Sir."

"We better be," The Captain grumbled and turned his attention to the Damage Control specialist beside him, "Ensign, I think you're wasted in Damage Control. Let's see about getting you a duty shift in Main Engineering. I'll discuss the duty roster with the Chief and the Ex-Oh once we've wrapped this mess up."


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