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The Away Team II: Travel Sickness

Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Erin Quinn & Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw & Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Lucas MD

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Shuttle enroute to USS Leonard McCoy
Timeline: Day 2 at 0330

The 22 minute journey to the Leonard McCoy seemed to take forever. The blue glow from the slipstream vortex seemed to have turned to a hue of green. Erin had reviewed the mission briefing padd twice and had noted that due to it's mission role the USS Leonard McCoy had a large open shuttle bay to the underside, and aft of it's engineering hull.

Taking a moment to compose her thoughts, she flicked on the autopilot and turned the chair around to face the rest of the cockpit and her fellow officers. "The ships see-oh looked very, er ... well... he didn't look good." she spoke as she raised from the seat and strode the length of the cabin towards the weapons locker at the rear. "What do you think is going on over there?"

"Still gathering facts to form an opinion," replied the Doctor, standing from his seat and moving forward to peer out the forward facing viewscreen. "If, somehow Bendii Syndrome has flared up onboard that ship... would be a cacophony of emotionally unstable Vulcans. I think proceeding with caution would be advised," he turned and looked back to Erin.

"Agreed," Jacky commented, looking up from the PADD she had been reading. "The distress call from the ship said that their passengers--" As she refused to call them cargo. "--had broken free. With the potential for Bendii Syndrome to spread empathically to other beings, is there any way to protect ourselves from that, Doctor?"

"There has been some trials around beta-blockers, coupled with modifications of the neurotransmitter dopamine. The issue is that over exposure to that cocktail could burn out the Ventral tegmental area of our brains. There also have been some testing with Neuro-cortical stimulator, while the effectiveness is tied to the device being implanted via surgery, I think I could rig something up for external use. Would be put around your ear, like old Earth hearing aids, should be mostly effective at that range..." he trailed off making a few notes on his padd.

Dr. Lucas paused and drew his attention back to Jacky. "Sorry," he apologized for his divided attention. "But again, this is all theoretical. I am sorry, I cannot provide a lot of solid answers in this matter. The research around Bendii itself is light, and on peripheral effects even less so."

The exec smiled a little. "It's alright, Doctor. I understand." She had, after all, worked in psychology prior to command, where there were relatively few (if any) "solid answers" to anything. "What would you recommend prior to our boarding the McCoy? Something we can do in the time until we arrive."

"We can start with a hypo for our staff of beta-blockers and dopamine, once we have some exposure to the particular psychic effects and I could get sufficient scans, I should be able to put together a device that allows us be exposed to the effects, without feeling them, in theory," replied Lucas.

"Prepare the hypos," Jacky said with a nod. "And then lets hope that we don't have to encounter too much of the effects but be prepared for if we do."

"Understood ma'am," replied the Doctor. He pulled out his medical tricorder and synced with the onboard replicator, putting in a order for the particular cocktail of solutions he had described. While the replicator shimmered and worked, he rummaged around in his shoulder bag and pulled out his chrome hypo-injector. He crossed the room and took a handful of transparent aluminum vials of medicine off of the replicator plate, loading one into his injector then injected himself in the upper arm. "Whose next?"

The command style she had adopted said that she didn't ask anyone to do something she wasn't willing to do herself. (Maybe something she wasn't going to do herself, but you get the idea.) "I will," she said, moving from her seat closer to where he was preparing the vials.

Quinn grimaced, she was not a massive fan of hypos, she turned her left shoulder towards the Doctor. "I suppose me next," as she spoke the flight console at the far end of the cockpit chirped, and left her position to answer its call. "Get ready to drop out of slipstream," she spoke as slipped back into the pilots chair.

"Get ready everyone," Jacky said, taking a deep breath. "Let's see what we're up against..."


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