Fishing for Pods

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 9:21pm by Ensign Shinkaar Zhev & Medical / Sciences EMH Mark XI & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Ensign Sebastian Tigris & Lieutenant Lehn Aarvon

Mission: The Rise of the Killer Vulcans
Location: Main Shuttlebay, Deck 12
Timeline: Day 3 at 0850

After many complications, and a slower slipstream velocity than the Captain would have liked, the Alliance had finally reached the Zombus system. The Away Team had reported that there were securely onboard, and investigating what had occurred on board the USS Leonard McCoy. While the crew awaited the latest status report to come in, Walker had tasked the rest of the ship with retrieving the stranded escape pods.

After finishing up with the slipstream drive she was called to the shuttle bay. She was being tasked with work with the PRT (pod recovery team), her job was to figure out a way to bring in as many pods as possible, as safely and efficiently as possible. She was at a console looking over the tractor beam's specs, mostly to see how wide-spread she could make the beam without it becoming completely useless.

For Ensign Tigris, it had been the start of a normal day. He had woken up, had a sonic shower, got into his uniform, and headed to breakfast. He'd decided on an earth dish, an "Eggs Benedict" which he'd been recommended by some of the crew. It was creamy and delicious but he wasn't sure how nutritious it was. He washed it down with some black coffee before heading to his station in the Counselling office.

He knew that soon he would need to begin making appointments with each of the crew and assessing their mental states and wellbeing so figured he would start off with the lower decks first.

As he loaded up the first crewman's page, however, his communicator blinked to life and he was summoned to the shuttle bay. It seemed now they had arrived, it was time to retrieve the escape pods from the Leonard McCoy. A task that seemed rather daunting as Tigris had no idea of the state of the pod inhabitants. They could be fine, they could be dead but there was a myriad of states between those two extremes.

He headed to the bay immediately, entering the doors and looking round to assess the situation and apprise himself of who is around.

As the other ensign entered the bay the first set of pods started to come in, they came in fast but quickly slowed as they entered through the large forcefield before finally landing and moved out of the way quickly by the deck crew.

Aarvon and Zhev were both already in the Shuttlebay and pulling pods in. The full complement of Workbees, usually used for maintenance and cargo movements, were currently out in space towing individual pods into the range of the Shuttlebays tractor beam emitters. This allowed Aarvon and Zhev, working in tandem but on opposite sides of the shuttlebay to pull the pods slowly inside the body of the ship and to set them down slowly on the deck. Escape Pods may be small in comparison to a Starship, but in reality, they weren't all that smaller than a standard shuttle - allowing each of the pods to hold a maximum of 8 people.

Aarvon glimpsed up from his console, only briefly before returning his focus to the controls in front of him, "You must be Zatyl and Tigris. Zatyl, can you take over here and assist Ensign Zhev with the reeling in of these pods? Tigris, the CO wants us to assess the health of people coming out of the pods, and to gather as much information from them as possible with regards to the occurrences on the McCoy. He thought a Counsellor might be a friendlier face given what they've been through."

Zihisa quickly pushed past him seeing something on the screen, "w what were you two doing," she growled, "damn't, another few minutes you would have blown every damn circuit on this deck," Zihisa growled, stopping everything before reworking and rerouting somethings.

"Ensign!" Aarvon shot back sharply, "May I remind you that your should address your senior officers with the correct decorum?"

"Of course lieutenant, I'll just risk the lives of the people in the pods to make sure to use proper decorum," Zihsa growled not caring if she was written up or sent to the brig, she needed to fix the mess they made.

"Tigris, you're with me" Aarvon stormed off in the direction of a shuttle pod that had just touched down. The Lieutenant should have pulled the young Ensign up there and then for insubordination, however the priority for him at this moment was to get the rescued crew of the McCoy out of the pods.