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Closing the Jar

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 2:43pm by Captain Rufus Walker & Lieutenant Lehn Aarvon
Edited on on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 3:06pm

Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Transporter Room, Deck 4
Timeline: Day 4 at 0845

Standing on a small transporter pad in a small transporter room a man stood waiting. He tugged at his new gold uniforms collar and sighed. He missed the corps already. He sighed as he stood there.

"Lieutenant. The Alliance says that they're ready to receive" the operator said.

" Lieutenant?" Lehn said, somewhat puzzled. "Oh right. I'm used to being called "Captain" he chuckled. "One good thing about the Corps, you make captain faster. Energize." He said.

As the transporter beam took hold he was taken from familiarity and placed in a new adventure. He looked at a padd that he happened to have. On it was his orders. With his new uniform, was a new job. From MP to Hazard Team Leader. He thought about it as he made his way to the bridge to report in. That didn't take too long.

Before he knew it he was standing at the ready room door. He pressed the chime.

[ Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Alliance ]

The last few days had been 'hectic' for the newly minted Captain. The vast majority of the crew where already onboard, but the Captain had opted to meet with a certain few crew members himself before appointing them. Given the nature of the USS Alliance's mission - primarily diplomatic - he didn't feel the optics of having a Marine Detachment onboard, would be ideal.

After many discussions over the last few days with Fleet Command and Starfleet Security, he had managed to convince them to replace the Marines, with a Hazard Team. Who would be the ships answer to many dangerous situations, including high-risk away missions, defense of the ship, or even assistance within the ship's own high-risk areas.

"Enter." The Captain announced, responding to the door chime. With his left hand, he tapped the controls built into his desk, a few moment later a ice cold glass of ginger ale materialised on the desk, an unusual selection given the earlier hours of the day.

Lehn did just that, wasting no time in centering himself at his new Commanders desk. He snapped to attention out of habit. "Cap....Lieutenant Lehn Aarvon reporting as ordered." The officer said.

"Take a seat Lieutenant." The Captain took a sip of the ginger ale, the spiced liquid making the back of his throat tingle. "Lieutenant, I understand you were due to lead one of the Marine Battalions onboard. As I'm sure you've realised by the change in uniform, that will no longer be the case." Rufus waved an extended index finger at the pips on new arrivals chest, and the change in his uniform from Marine Green to Security mustard.

"As a diplomatic vessel, it would not be right for us to have a contingent of 'jarheads' onboard." Rufus leaned over his desk to hand a padd to his new Hazard Team Leader.

"As well as your primary role as a Security Officer onboard ship Lieutenant, you'll be heading up our Hazard team. A combined team, drawn from specialists across the Alliance's departments." He smiled, "You'll be our crack squad of officers and crewmembers that will be called upon when, as the title might suggest, things get a little hazardous."

The conversation continued for a while, as the Captain and Lieutenant discussed the inner workings of a Hazard Team onboard a starship, versus the operation of a Marine Unit.


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